This device helps detect early signs of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, diabetes and pre-stroke and pre-heart attack states. The device also helps assess the effectiveness of medications and dietary supplements, and the effect of exercise on the body. After a short two-minute test you will learn:


The biological age of your blood vessels
Hardness of arteries due to cholesterol, calcination, etc.

Stress level (stress index of the body’s regulatory systems)

Your heart rate

Ideally testing should be done no less than once per week

The device measures important parameters that can change very quickly. By observing them, you’ll learn which illnesses are forming within you 5-6 years before they manifest themselves.


UROSTYM™ Laborie system of therapy for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction

The UROSTYM device can correct several sexual disorders in men and women. UROSTYM’s action is different from traditional physical therapy, since it’s aimed at correcting many dysfunctions in the pelvic area, and normalizes muscle tone. The main application is providing therapy for urinary disorders in adults and children. The basic principles of treatment are electromyostimulation (strengthening the pelvic floor muscles) through biofeedback technology. This method is absolutely harmless and effective for recovery of weakened inner pelvic muscles, and trains the muscles to work properly, that is, it makes for muscle contraction when it is needed, and with the necessary force. The system has proven itself perfectly both in European and American medical practice, and is used both as monotherapy and in combined treatment of disorders of the genitourinary system, such as treating a wide range of urological, gynecological, proctological and pediatric pathologies.


The device has no contraindications to use, and is used for people ranging in age from 5 years old up to 70 years old. The device is an alternative in gynecology and proctology to surgical treatment, or can be used for post-operation rehabilitation. The device gives a pronounced “anti-aging” effect since it eliminates typical “old-age” urological, gynecological and proctologic symptoms and stimulates sexual potency.


Progressive treatment methods using the NeoControl System.

The unique NeoControl system was developed in 1998 in theUnited Statesand is based on the use of original technology of extracorporeal magnetic stimulation of the neuromuscular system of the pelvic floor and pelvic organs. This treatment method is fundamentally different from clinical practice, and may be used in conjunction with other techniques.


Aquarius System

The Aquarius urodynamic system carries out the full range of urodynamic studies (the study of the processes of accumulation and excretion of urine) and is able to analyze all of these processes with the construction of mathematical 3D models and synchronization with video urodynamics. Urodynamic tests are one of the most effective and precise methods of diagnosing the majority of urological diseases and a whole series of neurological diseases. Potential tests include:






video urodynamics


leak point pressure

therapy by means of biofeedback and electrical stimulation

anorectal manometry

evaluation of erectile dysfunction

ambulatory urodynamics

method of evoked potentials and study of pudendal nerve conduction

Laser therapy “Matrix-Urologist” apparatus

The physiotherapy apparatus “Matrix-Urologist” brings together the most effective methods of treatment, and makes it possible to get the best results when treating various diseases in urology, nephrology, andrology and sexology thanks to the optimal combination of several types of intervention. Matrix-Urologist effectively combines magnetic-laser therapy, vacuum therapy, and vibration massage therapy. The package includes a unique vibro-magnetic laser head VLMG10, which significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment of chronic prostatitis, and accelerates the process of recovery and normalization of microcirculation in the zone of the prostate, improving the drainage function of its ducts. The application of various wavelengths and modes of laser radiation, the combination of several methods of laser irradiation (cutaneous, intravenous, and acupuncture points, VLOK, etc.) and other physiotherapeutic techniques as well as the possibility of combining treatment with drug therapy, makes this treatment much more effective.


AMVL 01 YAROVIT urological laser apparatus is used both as an independent treatment method, and as part of integrated therapy of prostatitis, urethritis, urogenital diseases of men, and complications of sexual dysfunction. This apparatus is most commonly used for treating and preventing impotence, erectile dysfunction, and neurosis of expectations of failure. The device has a prophylactic and therapeutic effect on the baro-, thermo-, and chemoreceptors of the foreskin of the penis, which helps eliminate degenerative changes in the vascular apparatus of the penis, restoring its trophic abilities, and improving blood supply to the prostate gland. The principle of the device is based on creating an air vacuum around the penis, placed in a flask, along with special built-in programs with simultaneous exposure of the penis to red laser radiation. This treatment results in FULL ERECTION.



The andro-gin apparatus is a physiotherapy apparatus which simultaneously affects the patient using several mutually-reinforcing physical factors (impulse electric current, laser radiation, magnetic field, and color). This technology, which ensures greater blood flow to the genital organs, and has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects, makes it possible to increase the performance of treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the reproductive sphere in men and women, and to avoid post-operation complications. Indications for treatment using the Andro-Gin apparatus:


In men:

chronic prostatitis, chronic urethritis, cystitis


violation of erectile function

prevention of adhesive processes after operations on the pelvic organs


In women:

chronic adnexitises (inflammation of the uterus)

chronic metritis (inflammation of the uterus)

chronic cystitis


adhesions in the pelvis, pelvic pain of various causes

infantilism (sexual underdevelopment)
the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles (urinary incontinence, prolapse of the vaginal walls)


Mineral water in Gynecology
is used in the form of baths and vaginal douches to treat various gynecological illnesses: inflammatory diseases of the mucous vagina, cervix, pelvic adhesions, genital infantilism, ovarian dysfunction, chronic perimetritis, endometritis and adnexitis, hypoplasia, underdevelopment and incorrect position of the uterus, and some cases of infertility. In almost all these cases, after a course of mineral water douches using the Zheleznovodsk water there is either a full cure or sustained improvement of these illnesses. If you’ve been diagnosed with any of the above-listed illnesses, don’t hesitate to try this wonderful natural remedy for restoring your health. Comprehensiveness, consistency and regularity of treatment will help you get rid of your disease and significantly improve your health.
Infita Therapy

Physiotherapy method based on the use of low-frequency impulse electric fields of low intensity for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Infita therapy has inherent sedative, analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative trophicosensory and desensitizing effects. It helps to raise the level of hormones in the blood and tissues, normalizes microcirculation in tissues and organs, improves peripheral circulation and coagulation, rheological properties and the oxygen capacity of the blood, strengthens and restores the immune system, and improves trophic tissues. Patients with gynecological disorders of the menstrual cycle can see a clear trend towards regulation and normalization of hormonal levels under the influence of infita therapy, and a reduction in the severity of psycho-vegetative reactions.


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a commonly used method for estimating body composition, and in particular body fat, which helps doctors prescribe a personal diet that allows the patient to lose weight “once and for all”. In addition, using the results obtained through bioelectrical impedance analysis, the doctor can determine with great accuracy the total water content in the body, and specify the correct fluid intake, as well as the need to take diuretics. The bioimpedance analysis method makes it possible not only to determine a surplus, but also a lack of food intake, as well as to adjust one’s daily diet. The distinguishing feature of this method is that it can reduce a person’s weight by simply reducing water and fat, i.e. without loss of muscle mass. Normalization or loss of weight even by just 5-10% compared to the initial weight can reduce the risk of illnesses that accompany obesity, such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, blood vessel diseases of the heart and brain, and gallstone disease.


Bioimpedance diagnosis allows one to competently achieve the optimal balance between the amount of one’s fat mass, muscle mass and body water in the treatment process and when doing physical activity, and to pick a daily diet and develop an individual program of correction of body weight entirely through water and fat, not muscle.


Bioresonance diagnostics. Bioresonance therapy (BRT)

Resonance frequency therapy is a unique alternative to traditional methods of treatment. It provides accurate diagnosis, and makes it possible to carry out prompt and effective treatment, as well as support the weakened body.


The technique of resonance frequency therapy is based on proper selection of electromagnetic exposure, thanks to which the body can effectively fight infection without medication.


Resonance frequency therapy can accurately identify exactly which pathogen causes this or that disease in humans. Such a diagnosis can determine the presence of pathogens based on their frequency, as well as to find out whether the patient has been sick for a long time (did the infection appear recently, or has it become chronic.) The frequency of microbes is recorded in a special database, and the doctor uses acupuncture points of the person to determines whether the resonance frequency is present in the body or not.


Once the microorganisms existing in the patient are found, an “anti-frequency” is then chosen to control them. This serves as a weapon that destroys the microbe, and it doesn’t matter if the microbe is located inside or outside of the cell. Resonance frequency therapy can be done very precisely, that is, it can be used against a specific microbe, while the rest of the beneficial micro-organisms are not affected.


Method of resonance frequency therapy

This method is absolutely safe for both adults and children. Following the session, the anti-frequency is recorded onto sugar grains, and the patient takes it throughout one week. In addition, a therapeutic program is selected to strengthen the immune system and to eliminate the toxins from dead microbes. Treatment is repeated several times, and is similar to physiotherapy.


It is important to understand whether a person is simply a carrier of infection, or if the person is sick. In the first case, no interference in the body is required. It is only necessary to fight the infection when it becomes more active and the patient has specific symptoms of illness. Resonance frequency therapy can identify infections accurately and deal with them, and, with the help of special therapeutic programs (picked individually), support weak organs and strengthen immunity, which makes it easier to cure any illness more quickly.



Mineral baths


External application of natural mineral water in baths is one of the main methods of balneotherapy. The body’s reaction to mineral water when applied externally is affected by the influence of a series of physical and chemical factors. Physical factors include mechanical and thermal factors. Chemical factors include the gas and ionic composition of macro- and micronutrients, and the effect of non-dissociated molecules. During external use, mineral water comes in direct contact with the skin, which has a complex structure and performs numerous functions (protection, heat regulation, receptoral, secretory, and respiratory exchange). Our skin is a large receptor field whose nerve receptors (thermal, mechanical, and chemoreceptors, etc.) perceive irritation caused by mineral water, and transmit this information in the form of pulses to the appropriate nerve centers, causing neuro-reflective reactions in response. Chemical substances that enter the body through mineral water during the bath procedures also cause irritation of intero-receptor vessels and internal organs, which, along with other irritants caused by thermal and mechanical factors, create a generalized response of the whole organism.


Iodine-bromine baths

The specific effect of iodine-bromine baths is determined by the action of iodine and bromine ions. These substances penetrate through healthy skin from the water in the bath, and carry out active biological effects on the body, affecting the major physiological systems of the body (nervous, cardiovascular, sympathoadrenal, and pituitary-adrenal axis systems). Iodine-bromine baths often cause marked hemodynamic changes, improve capillary circulation, normalize blood flow and vascular tone, reduce blood pressure, normalize the effect of endocrine organs, and stimulate metabolic processes.


Iodine-bromine baths are prescribed under the following illnesses: myocardiodystrophy, cardiosclerosis, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, neurosis, neurasthenia, lesions of the musculoskeletal system of an inflammatory or degenerative character, metabolic and endocrine diseases, allergies and itching dermatoses, diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract, inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, and milder forms of hypothyroidism.


Conifer bubble baths

The combined use of bubble baths and dissolved conifer extract in the water has a greater effect on the human body than does the isolated action of bubble paths or coniferous baths alone. The mechanical stimulation of skin receptors by the bubbling water, the effect of the aroma of pine needles on the olfactory system, the penetration of chemical components of pine needles into the body through the skin, irritation of peripheral nerves, and the contrast effect of water temperature and gas bubbles all have an integrated reflexive action on the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. When using conifer bubble baths, there is improvement in overall hemodynamics, microcirculation, changes in the sensitivity of nerve endings, and normalization of the functional state of the central nervous system. Indications for use of coniferous and bubble baths include: functional disorders of the nervous system, general fatigue, hypertension of I-II degree, chronic inflammatory diseases of the internal organs, diseases and the effects of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, low back pain, chronic prostatitis, and gynecological diseases.


Baths with phytosalts
Bath with phytosalts with sage extract

Effect: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative effect. Promotes wound healing and prevents premature aging of the skin, reduces sweating, increases blood pressure, increases the microcirculation of blood vessels, and improves the immune system.


Bath with phytosalts with lavender extract

Effect: has soothing, antiseptic, antidepressant action. Useful for patients with nervousness, insomnia, headaches, depression, and inflammation of the skin. Improves the functioning of the heart, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system.


Bath with phytosalts with basil extract

Effect: has antispasmodic, analgesic, antiseptic, tonic effect. Useful for patients with skin diseases of an allergic nature, rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout.


Bath with phytosalts “Stimulus” (extracts of basil, sage, and rose)

Effect: has a restorative, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory effect, improves microcirculation, increases sexual desire, enhances the activity of the brain, improving the memorization process.


Bath with phytosalts “Anti-stress” (extracts of lavender, mandarin, chamomile blue)

Effect: stimulates mental activity, increases focus, has an antidepressant and sedative effect, relieves stress, anxiety, insomnia, reduces irritability, relieves inflammation and itching of the skin, and eliminates pustular inflammation.


Bath with phytosalts “Grace” (extracts of rose, fir, orange)
Effect: increases thermal conductivity, elasticity and firmness of the skin. Improves local blood and lymph circulation, smoothens loose and uneven skin, and removes puffiness. This bath is recommended for obesity and cellulite treatment.


Bath with phytosalts with eucalyptus extracts

Indications: rheumatism, arthritis, gout, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, peripheral edema.


Wine bath

(natural salt, lavender essential oil, natural red grape skin extract, yeast extract, organic acid). Polyphenols contained in grapes are powerful antioxidants and can neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that accumulate in the body due to exposure to air pollution, cigarette smoke, and stress, which are a major cause of aging.


The vitamins, minerals and amino acids included in yeast improve blood circulation in the tissues, actively nourish and moisturize the skin, help get rid of cellulite, and have a rejuvenating effect.


Aromatic lavender oil reduces inflammation and redness of the skin, strengthens the nervous system, and helps restore vitality.


Chocolate bath

(natural salt, cocoa powder, natural grapefruit extract). The main component of the bath is cocoa powder, which is the richest source of biologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, vegetable proteins, polyphenols and theobromine, etc. These substances stimulate the biochemical reactions in the skin, providing a lifting effect. The chocolate bath helps to eliminate toxins from the body, normalizes all type of exchange, nourishes, moisturizes and restores the elasticity of the skin, and also soothes and softens dry skin.


Cleopatra bath

(natural salt, lemon essential oil, whey powder, organic acid). The Cleopatra milk bath is a symbol of beauty and perfection. Whey, which is part of the bath, is one of the oldest cosmetic products for skin rejuvenation and healing, a source of vitamins, biotin, folic acid, and micro- and macronutrients. Dairy proteins and peptides stimulate cell regeneration, synthesis of collagen, have antioxidant activity, and promote moisture retention in the epidermis.


Baths contribute to good health, rejuvenation, whitening and moisturizing of the skin, and elimination of toxins. All this has beneficial effects on the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and silky. Lactic acid contained in the serum regulates pH-value, stabilizing the skin balance. Lemon oil tones the nervous system, relieves depression, gives vitality, and has anti-cellulite and bleaching action.


The combination of milk baths with various peelings, body wraps, and massages gives a truly magnificent result.



Changes in the environment, the quality of food, the use of high calorie, unbalanced food, as well as irregular eating habits lead to the accumulation of toxins in the intestines, which are deposited on the walls and form stones and growths, parasites and worms. A clogged colon leads to diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, depression, impaired immunity, cancer, intestinal dysbiosis, constipation, weight gain, decreased metabolism, the risk of allergic reactions, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Washing out the colon is the key to a healthy and long life. You might be surprised, but sometimes obese people can “carry” with them up to 25 kg of feces. Since the time of Hippocrates, a whole range of various diseases has been treated with the conventional enema. Hydrotherapy is the most perfect, safe and effective way of cleansing the body and colon, making it possible to clear out all sections of the colon over a certain time period (2-3 procedures).


One cleansing on the hydrocolonotherapy unit is as effective as 20 ordinary enemas. Modern devices have made the procedure painless and safe. For many people, incorrect operation of the intestine has become a habitual state, and they don’t even know how this affects their health. Indications for colon hydrotherapy:

constipation of various etiologies, diarrhea,
Dyskinesis of the colon,

obesity, excess weight, overeating,

hemorrhoids without exacerbation,

intestinal toxemia,

vaginitis, cervical erosion,

signs of dysfunction of the immune system (frequent respiratory infections, dermatitis of unknown etiology)

alcohol and drug intoxication,

chemical poisoning, contamination with radionuclides,


frequent headaches,



unpleasant body odor,

skin diseases,

gases and bloating,

respiratory failure,

frequent colds,
decreased work ability,

prostatitis and BPH.

These are all reasons to cleanse your intestines! The patient is consulted by a doctor before the procedure is scheduled.


DETENZOR therapy

This is a system for safe and comfortable relaxation (muscle relaxation) most of all for the muscles around the spinal cord and careful stretching of the spinal cord for it to able to function fully. This procedure is done on a matrass or mat which has a system of sloping edges directed to both sides of the center of the mat. The spinal cord is stretched under the patient’s own body weight thanks to the deviation of the edges. Stretching is achieved long term thanks to the elasticity of the construction, while the patient is held in a comfortable pose with the same physiological curvature of the body. All this leads to effective relaxation of the spine. The Detenzor is used on patients with:


severe and/or chronic pain of various types in the spine;

over-tension of the muscles of the neck and spine of various types;

protrusions – degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs;

hernias of the intervertebral discs and many other illnesses.

Underwater shower-massage

Underwater shower-massage is a water treatment procedure under which the patient is massaged by a jet of water while lying in a bath. This is considered to be one of the best physiotherapy procedures, especially when treating illnesses of the joints and spine.


When the patient is in a warm bath, the patient has greater muscle relaxation, greater muscle contraction ability, and less pain. Massages using a water jet makes the skin turn red, redistributes blood, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism and recovery processes in tissues, ensures faster absorption of inflamed centers, and increases the flexibility of joints and the spine. Underwater shower-massage has an overall effect on the body no matter what method is used. Underwater massages increase the strength of the main cortical processes in the central nervous system, and have a toning effect on the patient’s psychosomatic state. Following this procedure, patients note improved health, and a sense of lightness, rejuvenation, and freshness. Regular treatment increases one’s work capacity and normalizes one sleep. Shower-massages improve respiratory functioning, reduces spasms of peripheral arteries, and improves blood circulation, especially among patients with cardiovascular illnesses. Positive changes take place in the functional state of other organs and systems as well.


Therapeutic showers

Vichy shower

This treatment is rightly considered to be one of the most hydrotherapeutic procedures. Thousands of threads of water from the shower carry a therapeutic effect through their mechanical and temperature impact. The pressure exerted on the skin by the thin threads of water gives one both a comfortable sensation of caressing and creates a special ionized zone. Thanks to this effect, oxygen exchange in the skin cells improves significantly, as does blood circulation. Tension disappears from nerve receptors as well. Fatigue from city life, nervousness and stress of the big city are all left behind, and tiredness disappears magically. Once the procedure ends, one is left with a good mood together with excellent tonus and a good mood.


Upward (or perineal) shower

This shower is aimed at your most intimate and sensitive body parts. To receive this procedure, you will be placed on a comfortable chair equipped with a special shower head at the bottom. This is where you can expect the water streams to come from. These soft water streams will massage your most intimate and sensuous body parts. This kind of massage is very useful for patients with sexual weakness, hemorrhoids, or prostatitis. Illnesses which create only shyness ad extremely negative emotions can be treated in a very pleasant and painless way! Now you can see for yourself! It’s even more pleasant to sit on the chair and get such a soft massage of your most intimate body parts when you understand how useful this procedure is for your health.


Charcot shower

This is a water treatment procedure that consists of a stream of water aimed at the patient’s body from 3-5 meters away. The combination of compact and fan-type water streams aimed at various parts of the body in turn has a restorative effect and activates skin cells. Furthermore, this shower is used on illnesses of joints. Weight loss and the battle with cellulite go much better thanks to the Charcot shower. This shower was invented by the French neurologist and psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot. Unsurprisingly, the Charcot shower is a great way to fight with neuroses, depression, and other nervous disorders. The water stream with pressure of more than 2 atmospheres, which warms up every cell in your body, rejuvenates and energizes you. Your fatigure, depression and stress disappear without a trace.


Circular shower

The circular shower is useful to people who suffer from violations of the function of the central nervous system thanks to the effects of pin-point hydro massage and the impact this massage has on nerve receptors. This “attack” by small water streams on your skin takes away all of your irritability and stress, and normalizes your sleep by relieving your sleeping problems. All of the nerve endings “dump off” their tension, making you feel calm and peace and confidence. The circular shower consists of many streams of water that hit the body. Water streams hit the skin with strength, creating pin-point, slight irritation, the effect of which is comparable to the effect of acupressure. The irritation brought on by the water jets creates a prickling sensation which is not painful in any way, but rather absolutely pleasant.



This total systematic effect (“from head to toe”) influences all of the body’s systems. The magnetic field of the apparatus has a weak but warm effect on the body, which makes it possible to exclude side effects and limit contraindications to conducting magnetic therapy. The constant change in parameters of the magnetic field ensures the continuation of the medical effect for several months after the procedure is finished. Thanks to the effect on the whole body, your immune system is stimulated as well, and the growth of tumors is stopped, as is the development of recurrences and metastasis. You’ll also notice a significant decrease in the likelihood of catching a cold. Arterial blood pressure is normalized thanks to regulation of the work of blood vessels, and blood circulation is improved to all organs, which quickens your organs’ recovery after injury and operations. Magnitoturbotron also provides anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, and antispasmodic effects.


Magnitoturbotron also provides excellent pain-killing effects, and improves one’s overall well-being, appetite, sleep, and capacity for work. Magnitoturbotron doesn’t cure individual diseases, but rather gives the body a push that allows the organism to develop its own means of active defense, and give the patient real improvement in health and greater immunity. For this reason, magnitoturbotron is used for a wide spectrum of treatment.


Neurofractal analysis

DETERMINING THE PATIENT’S BIOLOGICAL AGE. This analysis is used determine a person’s biorhythms through an electrocardiosignal. This analysis makes it possible:


In a screening mode, to determine the level and reserves of one’s cardiovascular system, vegetative and central regulation, as well appraise the deviation from the norm of these indicators;

Appraise the level of compensation and energy resources of the body at various levels of regulation;

In a biological feedback mode, to determine the possibilities of self-regulation, and appraise and forecast a person’s psycho-physical state;

In a dynamic observation mode, to control the patient’s functional state and appraise the effectiveness of various methods of therapy when conducting prophylactic medical treatment.


Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is one of the most effective methods available today of treating many illnesses without using drug treatment. This method makes it possible to use powerful catalytic and oxidizing ozone properties to the maximum. The ozonized solution that enters the blood has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, and supports and strengthens the immune system. Ozone therapy is easy on patients, and has practically no side effects. One’s metabolism improves thanks to the influence of ozonized solutions, and fat is burnt faster as well.

Fat cells are broken down under the influence of ozone, and they are then released from the body. Drainage functions improve as well, and the skin becomes more elastic, supple, and clean. All pustulous manifestations on the skin disappear (problematic skin is liquidated). Ozone therapy has been well-known in the West for more than 100 years as non-drug therapy, and has undergone a rebirth in Russia thanks to the fundamental applied studies done by physicists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. Currently ozone therapy is used in the system of treatment-prophylactic institutions in a number of regions of Russia. Ozone therapy is special for its wide spectrum of non-specific action, even in patients with common illnesses, such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diseases of the respiratory and digestive organs, skin and venereal diseases, and surgical, obstetrical, gynecological, and neurological pathology, as well as other infectious diseases. Indications:

Surgery: abscesses, wound infections, septic conditions, peritonitis, pressure sores, burns, nonhealing wounds, trophic ulcers, chronic osteomyelitis, thrombophlebitis, obliteration of the lower extremities, cardiac surgery.

Treatment: chronic gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, rheumatism, arthritis and arthritis, coronary heart disease, allergies, upper respiratory illness, diabetes, hypertension.

Eye illnesses: atrophy of the optic nerve, retinal atrophy, corneal injury.

Infectious diseases: viral diseases, including hepatitis.

Venereal diseases: sexually transmitted diseases and their complications.

Urology: pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis.

Dermatology: eczema, lichen planus, bullous dermatitis, furunculosis, pyoderma, herpes, fungal infections, scleroderma, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.

Cosmetology: acne, cellulite, local lipodystrophy, alopecia.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: inflammation of the reproductive organs, pregnancy toxemia, anemia, pregnancy, threatening miscarriage, infertility.

Neurology: cerebrovascular complications, peripheral nervous system diseases, migraine headaches.

Dentistry: stomatitis, periodontal disease, pulpitis.

Ozone therapy is not recommended for people suffering from the following diseases: myocardial infarction (acute phase), acute alcoholic psychosis (alcohol intoxication), convulsions, acute pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), hypotension, hypocalcemia, thrombocytopenia,, or internal bleeding. Menstruation is not a reason to cancel ozone therapy (it’s possible for patients to have a slightly longer menstrual period and a slight increase in total blood loss).


“Psycho-Emotional Relaxation” Room

The large bubble panel walls which are combined into a single composition are the main element of the “psycho-emotional relaxation” room. Another main element of the room is the “Starry Sky” panel, which creates the effect of the real depths of space, and is a powerful element for relaxation. The room also has a number of devices and natural systems installed, such as aromatherapy, ionization and purification of air, background music, massage and relaxation chairs, and warm mattresses. The psycho-emotional relaxation can be a powerful restorative and rehabilitation complex for getting people out of post-traumatic stress, depression, a state of high anxiety, and post-stress situations. The room is also used for people with cardio-vascular diseases, and for those who are recovering from heart attacks and strokes.


Spirometry provides a number of health indicators by exploring the functional status of the lungs. Spirometric data are well correlated with the likelihood of falling ill and with life expectancy, and help to identify the individual patient’s health indicators, as well as identify the cause of disease, its severity, and the effectiveness of treatment. Test results help to assess patients’ quality of life, and to plan further treatment. Spirometry is based on a breath test, which depend on the efforts of the patient, which requires the patient’s cooperation at listening carefully to the nurse’s instructions.



This is a method for appraising the daily rhythm of arterial blood pressure among children, teenagers, and ADULTS under normal conditions using portable arterial blood pressure monitors.


Diagnostics of arterial hypertension (AH)

Examination of patients with high arterial blood pressure combined with coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, cerebrovascular diseases, disorders of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and sleep apnea syndrome

Examination of young persons who have unfavorable inheritance of cardiovascular disease

Resistant to hypertension therapy
Type 1 diabetes

Determining the daily rhythm of arterial blood pressure

Instability of the autonomic nervous system
Necessity of close control when conducting therapy which lowers blood pressure

A cuff is put on the patients’ hand. A registration machine is connected to the cuff, and is attached to one’s belt. Arterial blood pressure is measured every 15-30 minutes during the day, and every 30-60 minutes in the evening.


Phyto bar




Atherosclerosis — clarin with hawthorn


Soothing — mirosedarin with valerian


Stomach — stomach with chaga


Kidney — dilektin with pol-pola


Antiviral — antivirin with St. John’s wort


Chest — torokalen with sage


Diabetic — glyuminor with beans


Joint —  artorin with birch leaves


Moon’s Waist — cleansing


Herbal tea with juniper (for men)


Herbal tea with motherwort (for ladies)


Herbal tea with senna leavea


Tea with honey

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