Basic SPA Treatment

Basic health resort packages

Minimum stay: 10 days

List of recommended procedures* Quantity
Diagnostic procedures 10 days 14 days 21 days
1 Check-up by a doctor-therapist 1 1 1
2 Dynamic observation by a doctor-therapist 1 2 3
3 Consultation by a doctor-specialist (based on symptoms) 2 3 4
4 General blood analysis (by indications); control over pathologies discovered 1 1 2
5 General urine analysis (by indications); control over pathologies discovered 1 1 2
6 Resting ECG, and by indications, ECG with additional diversions or with functional tests 1 1 2
7 Fibrogastroscopy or sigmoidoscopy (colonoscopy) 1 1 1
8 Ultrasound of one organ (no more than 2 times) (by indications) 1 1 1
9 Fractal neurodynamic analysis of the body’s functional state - 1 1
10 Angioscan - 1 1
Wellness procedures
11 Therapeutic swimming in a pool with thermotherapy for 1 hour 8 12 19
12 Natural sunbaths on a climate-controlled terrace or therapeutic sleep under the open sky: 2 hours Daily
13 Terrain course with therapeutic walking in the Resort Park Daily
14 Therapeutic sports activities in a gym for 30 minutes 8 12 19
Medical procedures
15 Drinking mineral water for medical purposes 3 times per day 8 12 19
16 Therapeutic sports activities in a group or therapeutic gymnastics in water (30 min.) 8 10 14
17 Mineral or artificial baths or infilitrate 4 or 3 7 or 5 9 or 6
18 Therapeutic showers: circular, upward, jet shower, Vichy shower (1 type based on symptoms) 4 7 9
19 Mud cure applications: electrical mud or mud applications (1 zone) 3 5 8
20 Psycho-emotional relaxation or Physiotherapy by apparatus 7 or 4 10 or 6 10 or 7
21 Oxygen cocktail or phytotea once per day 8 12 19
22 Classical massage (1.5 units) 6 8 10
23 Physiotherapy by apparatus (1 or 2 types) 6*1 (6) 10*1(10) 8*2(16)
24 Intestinal siphonage 1 1 3
25 Micro enemas with herbal teas 5 7 10
26 Gum lavage (following consultation with a dentist) 4 6 8
27 Inhalations: alkaline, drugs or herbal 4 6 8
28 Drug treatment without planned courses 1 1 1

Expected effects from treatment:

Optimization of one’s psychic-emotional state and one’s personal biorhythms, normalization of sleeping patterns and working stamina, stabilization of the main processes of vegetative sections of the nervous system, normalization of the main parameters of hemodynamics (pulse and arterial blood pressure), increased activity of enzymes that take part in protein, carbohydrate and lipid exchange, reduced cholesterol level, normalization of the relation of insulin content and glucagon in the blood, stimulation of adaptive-compensatory mechanisms, improvement of redox and metabolic processes, immunological reactivity of the organism, reduction in the functional class of movement dysfunctions, improved external breathing, reduced weight, lengthening of the period between illness remissions, and improved quality of life.

The resort package also includes:

  • Lodging in a room of the category of your choice
  • Three nutritious meals per day served buffet-style
  • Entertainment programs for adults and children
  • Children’s club services
  • SPA services: swimming pool, sauna, hammam, and gym
  • Wi-Fi Internet (1.5 Gb for 7 days per person, with an additional 1 Gb for each additional week’s stay)

* Note: Prescription of medical treatment and the quantity of procedures is determined by the supervising doctor based on the diagnosis, severity of the diagnosis, stages and phases of the illness, and accompanying illnesses listed in the health resort card or revealed during examination, as well as the recommendations of the health resort doctors, based on the approved cost of one bed-day of health resort treatment. Examinations and procedures that cost more than the given cost of a bed-day are paid for additionally as per the current price list for medical services.

Dear guests, please take the following items with you:

  • Your passport, medical insurance policy, and health resort card;
  • For children from 4 to 12 years old: birth certificate, certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist about the absence of contact between the child and any infectious patients at the child’s place of residence and school or day care, as well as a certificate of examination for enterobiasis (made within the last month);
  • For children up to 4 years old — certificate of the epidemiological environment, certificate of inspection for enterobiasis (made within the last month)

If the above-mentioned documents are absent, the necessary examinations are made at additional cost to the guest as per the current price list for medical services.

Prices for basic health resort packages

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