SPA zone

Plaza’s spa zone has a swimming pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam, a kid’s swimming pool, a cedar barrel, a summer terrace, a room for group exercise lessons, and a gym.


Hammam — Turkish bath

A hammam is a classical Turkish bath that’s used to this day. The history of this treatment dates back to the time of Byzantium and Ancient Rome. The Turks assimilated Roman baths into their own culture, creating the unique hammam.


The soft and moist steam in the hammam is much softer than in the Russian bath, and much easier on the body than the dry heat of the Finnish sauna. The whole procedure in the hammam includes five main steps: warming up, massage, cleansing the body (peeling), soaping up and rinsing off with water (or swimming in the pool) and, of course, relaxing. The body is cleansed in the hammam at the same time as the soul gains inner harmony.


Cedar barrel

The use of this treatment comes from hot steam loaded with herbal concentrates which have an effect on the body through the skin.


This “ancient” method is extremely useful for losing weight, while refreshing the skin and making the body healthier as a whole. The patient feels new strength and a great mood after each visit to this mini sauna.


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna improves blood circulation to the skin and produces positive cosmetic effects without triggering any allergies, unlike many other cosmetics.


The Finnish sauna is healthy thanks to its ideal combination of humidity and high temperature. The temperature can be much higher in the Finnish sauna than in the Russian bath, reaching as high as 100°C, yet the humidity is much lower, at only about 15%.


The rejuvenating effect of the Finnish sauna is also explained by the fact that the hot air stimulates blood flow to the mucous membrane of the lungs, and stimulates lung cells. Metabolic processes improve and speed up when the body becomes very hot, thereby having a positive effect on the skin. A number of toxins are drawn out of the skin when visiting the Finnish sauna, as the lungs start working more intensively. The heart circulates blood more actively, and circulation is improved throughout the whole body, having a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

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