Cosmetics treatments

Skin care for the face, neck, and cleavage zone using professional cosmetics made by the world’s leading brands.


Thalgo facial skin programs provide incredible results at cleansing, moisturizing, and strengthening the skin:

- Rejuvenating collagenic skin procedure (25+) (60 minutes)

This procedure has a long-term effect, replenishing skin cells while reducing wrinkles


- Rejuvenating hyaluronic skin procedure (35+) (60 minutes)

This procedure helps you change you appearance after just one visit to the cosmetologist. Your cosmetologist will need just one hour to conduct the highly-effective rejuvenating hyaluronic care, without using injections. Your skin will feel much softer as a result, with improved cellular metabolism of the deep layers of the epidermis.


- Rejuvenating skin procedure (45+) (75 minutes)

Replenishing deep wrinkles and facial contour lifting. Silicone procedure with an instant rejuvenating effect. Your skin becomes younger, more elastic, and wrinkles are filled from within. Your fact looks as if you just got a lifting.


- “Total Youth” program (60 minutes)

Anti-aging skin care using products from the “Velikolepie” line with Natural Seaweed Hormones. The result is constant skin regeneration. This integrated treatment is a real “manual facelift” that insures instant visible results that show significant improvement as the professional procedures go on.


- Microdermabrasion (40+) (60 minutes)

Chemical microdermabrasion for women over 40 years old: Chemical rejuvenation of facial skin launches a “natural anti-aging program”, stimulating the production of uiofibers and elastin.


- Chronodetox express program (25+) (60 minutes)

This program is ideal for men and women looking for an express skin treatment which can refresh your skin and bring back your natural radiant skin tone.


The SOTHYS eco-line, which is produced in accordance with the strictest ecological protection criteria, is approved by certificate of the ECOCERT International Institute.


The SEASONAL PHASE CARE program (mint and chocolate, pineapple and mango, vanilla and caramel) has new fantastic desserts from Sothys! The goal of this treatment is to ensure skin comfort and give the client minutes of unforgettable SPA pleasure.

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