Cosmetic body care

We’ve prepared special integrated programs for you aimed at skin rehabilitation and body care.


Wrap using micronized algae (80 minutes)

The “Minceur Marine” wrapping is intended to reduce the body’s volume. The procedure corrects local fat deposits, accelerates enzymatic processes aimed at splitting and removing toxins, and stimulates blood circulation. Vitamin E contained in seaweed and kelp askofillum has a powerful antioxidant effect, prevents aging of the skin, restores electrolyte balance and acts as a stimulant.


Toning body wrap using micronized algae (TONUS MARIN) (80 minutes)

The structure of this wrap includes specially selected seaweed which has maximum lifting and toning properties. The procedure tones the skin thanks to the high concentration of iron and zinc, has a lifting effect, moisturizes the skin thanks to the high content of polysaccharides which form the water framework of the dermis, has a lymphatic drainage effect, and helps to eliminate toxins and improve skin condition.


Anti-aging antioxidant wrap using micronized algae (THALACEANE) (80 minutes)

This mixture of “Talasean” algae has a strong anti-aging and lifting effect. The procedure helps to saturate the skin with oxygen thanks to the high concentration of iron, stimulates and restores the deep layers of the skin thanks to high concentrations of zinc, stimulates blood circulation, and hydrates the surface layers of the skin thanks to its high content of vitamins E and F.


FRIODERM “cold” wrap (80 minutes)

This procedure improves skin tone and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces the appearance of telangiectasias and varicose veins, eliminates edema of any origin, smoothens the skin, and tones and tightens the tissue.


“Grape miracle” comprehensive care (80 minutes)

The procedure slows down the aging process thanks to strong antioxidant properties, and also moisturizes, restores and protects the skin, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and soothes irritated and inflamed skin.


“CitrusGarden” comprehensive care (80 minutes)

Sweet almond and shea butter soften the skin, and olive oil nourishes and smoothens the skin, leaving it soft and velvety, thanks to citrus products. This care program has an excellent draining effect, while toning and refreshing the skin.


Comprehensive care “Chocolate Heaven” (80 minutes)

This procedure provides marked lymphatic drainage, moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. It has the smell of chocolate provided by a cocktail of nearly 40 volatile compounds, while calming and returning back inner balance.


“White Musk” SPA-peeling (30 minutes)

This procedure is designed for delicate cleansing of the skin while helping to eliminate excess fluid, and has a tonic effect. Musk, which stimulates smell receptors, gives inner strength and energy.

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