Rules for using resort and hotel services

Rules for providing resort and hotel services in “Plaza SPA Health Resort” Limited Liability Company
These rules have been developed in accordance with the Federal Law dated 07.02.1992 № 2300-1 “On protecting consumer rights”, the Federal Law dated 21.11.2011 № 323-FZ “On the bases for protecting personal health in the Russian Federation”, the Russian Government Decree dated 25.04.1997 № 490 “On approving the rules for providing hotel services in the Russian Federation”, and the decrees of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, and make up an internal local normative act which must be fulfilled by all departments of “Plaza SPA Health Resort” Limited Liability Company.
1. “Plaza SPA Health Resort” Limited Liability Company (hereinafter the Resort) provides its guests (hereinafter the Guest) with health resort therapy, wellness, medical, and hotel services in accordance with the programs developed by the Resort.
2. When checking into the Resort, the following documents are filled in:
For Guests sent by travel agencies and other legal entities (through an intermediary) as part of the contract signed with the Resort — a registration card
For Guests arriving at the Resort under individual reservations — a contract for paid services and a registration card.
3. Guests are registered upon showing their Russian passport (or foreign passport for foreign guests), or other official personal identification document. Foreign guests are registered upon showing their passport (and visa for countries with a visa regime with the Russian Federation), and migration card.
4. When registering Guests at the Resort who have health resort packages, the Guest must show (besides a personal identification document): a health resort card, documents confirming the right to receive the health resort package (vacation pass, voucher, or power of attorney), compulsory health insurance policy (or private health insurance), the original bank transfer with bank stamp (for non-cash payments); for children younger than 14 years old – a birth certificate, health resort card, a certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist on the absence of contact between the child and any infectious patients, compulsory health insurance policy, analysis for enterobiasis, and confirmation from a dermatologist about the absence of skin diseases.
5. If the Guest does not have a health resort card, this card is filled in at the Resort for an additional fee as per the current price list.
6. When registering the Guest in the Resort, the latter fills out and gives to the Guest: a guest card, and a copy of the card registration card (if requested), containing the following information:
• Resort name
• Guest’s first, patronymic, and last name
• The room number and category
• The date of arrival and departure
• The type of accommodation
• Address, contract phone numbers
• Birth date
• Passport information
• The source/form of payment
• Guest’s signature
• Conditions for providing services to the Guest
• Rules of behavior at the Resort.
The Resort gets the Guest’s consent for processing personal data and for medical intervention (or refusal for medical intervention).
Upon granting the Guest health resort services, a health resort voucher or wellness voucher is made for the Guest.
7. Arrival and departure of Guests is conducted 24 hours a day.
8. The Resort has a check-out time of 12:00 noon local time; Guests are to leave by 12:00 noon, and can arrive after 14:00.
Guests who stay for less than 1 day (24 hours) still pay for a full day regardless of when they check out.
No payment is required for checking in earlier than the normal time (from 0:00 to 12:00) if there are vacant rooms available. The Guest pays for food as per the current price list in the Resort.
If the Guest is delayed leaving the Resort, the Guest is responsible for paying the following:
• For a delay of less than 6 hours after check-out time: hourly rate;
• For a delay of from 6 to 12 hours after check-out time: for half a day;
• For a delay of from 12 to 24 hours after the check-out time: for a full day.
9. The Resort has the right to receive payment for room booking services. If the Guest refuses to pay for these services, the Guest receives accommodation based on a first come first serve basis if there are rooms available.
10. When booking a room, the Guest is obliged to make payment as per the invoice within 5 calendar days for no less than the cost of 1 bed-day for each guest (as per the room rate). If the Guest is a no show or arrives late, the Resort is entitled to charge the Guest a fee for the expenses incurred by the Resort. The Resort has the right to cancel a reservation in the absence of payment for the services less than 3 calendar days before the date of arrival (in the absence of other written arrangement).
11. If the Guest violates the terms of arrival of the booking, the Resort does not guarantee accommodation in the selected room type, and gives accommodation in a vacant room (if available).
12. When arriving at the Resort, the Guest is offered to make a deposit on his or her personal account. The amount of the returnable deposit is no less than 5,000 (five thousand) rubles for a double room, and 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) rubles for a single room. Money can be put on the deposit with cash, cashless transfer, or credit card.
13. While staying in the Resort, the Guest may make payment for additional services with:
• cash
• credit card
• using the deposit.
At the end of the Guest’s stay in the Resort, the Guest is given a bill for all additional services purchased.
14. When receiving treatments in the medical building, the Guest must have his or her personal electronic room key card and Guest card in possession. The Guest authorizes receiving treatments through his or her personal room key.
15. If the Guest is prescribed additional food (on specified diets), containers are filled with food in the dining room by the dietary nurses. Containers are issued at the exit of the dining hall.
16. In the case of material damage by the guest to the Resort property, the Guest is obliged to reimburse the Resort in full prior to departure as per the current price list in the Resort. If the Guest fails to pay damages, the Resort has the right to unilaterally to deduct the amount of the damage from the deposit.
17. If the Guest causes material damage repeatedly or in large quantities, or behaves incorrectly or rudely during his or her stay, or violates the requirements established by these Rules, the Resort reserves the right to make an act of the damage, to evict the Guest, and to demand compensation for damages.
18.If the Guest refuses to accept services, or departs early from the Resort for good reasons (including medical conditions, serious illness, death of a close relative, recall from the Guest’s place of employment due, or natural disasters and accidents), authenticated (or notarized) by documents as per standard form, the Resort will return payment received for services from the Guest in accordance with their actual use.
In the case that the Client provides a fax copy of the document or a telegram providing valid reasons for early departure, the Resort will return the money for unused days after deducting expenses actually incurred by the Resort. If, within 30 calendar days, the Guest provides a genuine (or notarized) document to the Resort confirming the valid reason for leaving the Resort early, the Resort shall return the funds withheld (expenses actually incurred by the Resort) to the Guest’s account.
19. If the Guest’s early departure is not justified by valid reasons, money paid for unused days is returned to the Guest minus the expenses actually incurred by the Resort.
20. In the case of early departure from the Resort by a Guest sent to the Resort for rehabilitation, rest or treatment by a legal entity or travel agency (acting as an intermediary), the amount of compensation is stipulated in the text of the contract signed by the above organizations with the Resort.
21. In some cases, if the Guest has absolute medical contraindications for spa treatment, the Guest can be moved to provision of wellness services by decision of Resort’s medical commission, with subsequent recalculation of payment.
22. The price list and list of services (medical, accommodation, food, etc.) is confirmed by order of the Resort.
23. When giving accommodation to Guests who pay for their stay using bank transfer by a legal entity at the single room rate, any additional Guests who live in this room pay at the rate for an additional space set by the Resort. Accommodation of an additional place is calculated from the tariff for a place in a room of the voucher type (program or tour) selected by the Guest.
24. Upon arrival of Guests who come to the Resort from legal entities by bank transfer, changes in resettlement are carried out only upon written consent of the organization that pays for the Guest’s stay. In the absence of written consent of the organization, additional accommodation in a room is made with written consent of the Guest and the current tariff at the expense of the Guest. When an additional guest joins the Guest staying for cash, there is recalculation from single to double occupancy, in accordance with the applicable tariffs.
25. In the case that the Guest is admitted to the hospital, payment for being in a city medical institution is done either through compulsory medial insurance, or private medical insurance, or at the expense of the Guest in the absence of an insurance policy. During the time spent in the hospital, the Guest is discharged from the Health Resort with payment to the patient (or to the tour company that paid the resort stay) of the health resort services during the patient’s stay in the hospital, provided the Guest submits a letter of verification from the hospital showing the time spent in the hospital, minus cash used. In the case that the Guest fails to pay for services for the hospital stay, the funds for the patient’s hospital stay are deducted from the cost of the trip paid to the Health Resort.
26. Payment for the package of services to be acquired by the Guest can be made both in cash and by bank transfer. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the Guest must provide the original power of attorney from his or her company, and then receive at departure the following documents: a coupon voucher, invoice, certificate of service delivery, and consignment.
27. Children under 12 years old stay in the health resort in accordance with the approved rates depending on the age of the child.
28. The Health Resort provides guests with the following free services:
• delivery of correspondence for the Guest to the Guest’s room upon being received at the Health Resort;
• electric kettle, a sewing kit, a set of dishes and cutlery, and an alarm clock.
29. The rules and regulations for Guests’ stay at the Health Resort is established by the Health Resort. Guests should read the rules and regulations and abide by them. Guests must comply with fire safety regulations.
30. It is prohibited for Guests (and persons invited by Guests) to be in the resort with any kinds of weapons, explosives or poisonous substances. Guests who come to the resort with a weapon (with permission to keep and bear arms) are not allowed onto the territory of the resort, and are advised to transfer their arms in accordance with the law for temporary storage to the police force of Zheleznovodsk (except for law enforcement performing their official duties).
31. Guests are advised to observe the following rules:
• when leaving the room, to turn off the lights, radio, television and other electrical devices, and close the water tap;
• to lock the room door and balcony at night;
• to have one’s Guest card when entering and leaving the health resort;
• to immediately inform the health resort administration if you lose your Guest card.
32. Guests are prohibited to:
• give their room key and Guest card to a different person;
• to let other people remain alone in the room while the Guest is absent;
• to keep combustible and flammable materials in the room;
• to keep animals in the room;
• to bring food or alcoholic drinks onto the territory of the health resort.
• to take food out of the dining hall;
• to dirty the pool;
• to smoke in one’s room.
33. Smoking in the resort, including in the rooms, is strictly prohibited, except in designated areas marked with signs and equipped with urn-ashtrays. In the case of non-compliance with these requirements, the resort has the right to evict the Guest from the resort.
34. Guests coming for rest and treatment together with their children should observe the following rules:
• children under 12 years of age are prohibited from visiting the bars, restaurants, and pool at the resort, as well as all entertainment events for adults after 9 p.m., without being accompanied by an adult;
• during concert shows in the Lobby Bar, children must be accompanied by an adult;
• children are not allowed in the performance zone, or to run or play during entertainment programs in the health resort hall;
• in the case that no control is held over children’s behavior, and that parents don’t follow the above-listed rules, the health resort management has the right to force the family to leave the hall;
• from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (and under decision by the management – until 11:00 p.m.) children can visit the Children’s Club, the Internet café, and the playground which has games and entertainment;
• the children’s club can be visited by children who’ve passed a pediatrician’s examination. Children are not allowed into the children’s club without a guest card with approval from a pediatrician;
• children under 4 years old can visit the children’s club only when accompanied by an adult;
• children are allowed to stay in the children’s club no more than 1 or 1.5 hours in a row;
• children are allowed to visit the summer playground and the trampoline only when accompanied by an adult;
• meals are taken by parents with children (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in a special place in the dining room where parents are required to monitor the behavior of their children, and not allow their children to independently go take food.
35. There is a specially equipped children’s pool for children up to 4 years of age. Visiting the kids’ pool is permitted only under the supervision of parents. Parents should closely monitor their children’s behavior when they visit the pool. Penalties are imposed on parents in the case that their children contaminate the pool.
36. In order to prevent accidents, parents are not allowed to leave their children unattended during their entire stay in the hotel. In the event that these rules aren’t followed, and there are negative consequences, the health resort management is not responsible.
37. Visitors of the Health Resort Guests can visit the resort and be in the Guest’s room from 8 a.m. to 12 midnight. If a Guest stays in a 2-bed room with a shared bedroom, the Guest can stay in the room only upon agreement of the second customer. In the event that visitors stay in the room after 12 midnight, they must be registered at the reception desk.
38. When leaving the Health Resort, the Guest must notify the Room Service no later than 30 minutes before departure, leave the room, make final payment for services rendered to the reception desk, and return the room key.
39. In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, the Health Resort is responsible for harm caused to the life, health or property of the Guest due to shortcomings in the services provided, and must also compensate Guests for moral damage caused to the guest by the violation of the Guest’s consumer rights.
40. In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, the guest must compensate the Health Resort in case of damage to the Health Resort’s property, and is also responsible for other violations.


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