Plaza Health Resort is glad to offer you a wide range of spa treatments that are relaxing and beneficial for your health.

This device helps detect early signs of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, diabetes and pre-stroke and pre-heart attack states. The device also helps assess the effectiveness of medications and dietary supplements, and the effect of exercise on the body. After a short two-minute test you will learn:

  • The biological age of your blood vessels
  • Hardness of arteries due to cholesterol, calcination, etc.
  • Stress level (stress index of the body’s regulatory systems)
  • Your heart rate
  • Ideally testing should be done no less than once per week

The device measures important parameters that can change very quickly. By observing them, you’ll learn which illnesses are forming within you 5-6 years before they manifest themselves.

Aromatherapy with music therapy
These therapies give joint beneficial thanks to the effects of essential oils of plants, which are potent substances which affect the human body through the olfactory organs, and music therapy, which gives relaxation effects through psychotherapeutic methods based on the healing effects of music on a person’s psychological state. The fragrance of flowers, grasses, and trees held in a drop of oil gives a person peace of mind and serenity on the one hand, and vigor and new strength on the other.

Swimming pool with sauna and Turkish bath (hammam)
Swimming is one of the most effective methods of training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems in order to promote health and improve well-being at any age. Swimming in our 25-meter long pool together with a waterfall, Jacuzzi, and countercurrent gives you fun, relaxation, vitality and bodily pleasure, as well as the taste of health.
The marvelous energy of the pool together with the action of dry and wet steam in our sauna and the Turkish bath wash away your tiredness and bad mood, help you to recover from stress, and bring you back to good health.

Bioimpedance analysis of body composition
Thanks to this study, you can find out the ideal weight for your health, the amount of fat in kilograms, the percentage of extracellular and intracellular fluid, your body mass index, your basal metabolic rate (kcal), biological age, etc. This analysis will help a nutritionist-consultant to calculate your ideal diet and give you nutrition advice.

Mineral water springs
The mineral water springs are located right at Plaza Health Resort, in front of the entrance to the dining hall, and include various mineral waters from the Caucuses: Kislovodsk narzan (seltzer), general, dolomite and sulphate, Essentuki water, and waters varied in minerals and gas composition, with various medical effects.

Kislovodsk narzan waters are part of the hydro-sulphate-calcium-magnesium treatment group, differing from each other by the amount of mineralization and the ratio of main ions. General narzan water refers to poorly mineralized seltzer waters (about 2 g / l). Increased salinity waters (about 5 g / l), with an increase of sodium and chloride ions, and high carbonation (about 5 g / l) can successfully be applied for drinking dolomite narzan treatments. Water with sulfate narzan mineralization of up to 5 g / l with carbon dioxide content of up to 1.8-2.0 g / l has a higher concentration of magnesium sulfate and sodium, which gives it a wonderful flavor and medicinal properties.

Essentuki mineral water number 4 has a chemical composition that makes it part of the cold sodium-chloride-bicarbonate waters, and is used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and metabolism.

Narzan baths
Narzan baths are one of the leading treatments in the Kislovodsk resort. Dissolved carbon dioxide in the mineral water goes through the skin into your blood, resulting in expansion of peripheral blood vessels. Acting on the autonomic nervous system, narzan bath slow down the work of the heart muscles, normalize blood pressure, and improve metabolism. Thus, narzan baths train the cardiovascular system and improve the state of the organism as a whole.

Artificial baths (iodine-bromine, conifer-pearl, herbal, etc.)
Artificial baths have a sedating effect by increasing the inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex. Artificial baths combine thermal action with the chemical action of medications added to the water.

Vegetative resonance test
This test is unique in terms of its effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment based on information corrections of the natural electromagnetic oscillations of systems and organs. Every encounter between the human body and biological and other factors leaves an information trail which doesn’t always have a positive effect on our organs and systems. This technique, developed in Germany, makes it possible to analyze the information trails left in the body and to erase them. This gives doctors the ability to establish the nature of the existing disease when other methods reveal nothing. For example, you can identify any type of infectious agent (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths) with which the patient had contact with at any time, and create a program to get rid of the parasites and even remove information about contact with them.

Hydromassage tub
The hydromassage procedure is recommended to patients with diseases of the motor apparatus and blood circulation disorders due to a significant reduction in the heartbeat and cardiac output, lower blood pressure in people with hypertension, relaxation of connective tissue and improvement of power supply to organs. After receiving the procedure, the patient feels relaxation leading to rest, with a subsequent increase in performance. The hydromassage procedure also has analgesic effects.

Mud applications
Indications for treatment: diseases of the respiratory, nervous and endocrine systems, nutritional and metabolic disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, teeth and gums. The therapeutic effect is achieved thanks to the influence of thermal, mechanical, chemical, and biological factors, since mud has high moisture and heat capacity: biological active substances act reflexively through the mud, and contact skin receptors. Taking mud applications has an immune-stimulant, defibrosing, antibacterial, sedative, keratolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory healing and absorbent effects, and increases immunity of the body.

Circular rain shower
The circular shower is useful to people who suffer from violations of the function of the central nervous system thanks to the effects of pin-point hydro massage and the impact this massage has on nerve receptors. This “attack” by small water streams on your skin takes away all of your irritability and stress, and normalizes your sleep by relieving your sleeping problems. All of the nerve endings “dump off” their tension, making you feel calm and peace and confidence. The circular shower consists of many streams of water that hit the body. Water streams hit the skin with strength, creating pin-point, slight irritation, the effect of which is comparable to the effect of acupressure. The irritation brought on by the water jets creates a prickling sensation which is not painful in any way, but rather absolutely pleasant.

Upward (or perineal) shower
This shower is aimed at your most intimate and sensitive body parts. The patient sits on a special bench equipped with a special shower head at the bottom. Water streams shoot upwards, massaging your most intimate and sensuous body parts. This kind of massage is very useful for patients with sexual weakness, hemorrhoids, or prostatitis. Illnesses which create only shyness ad extremely negative emotions can be treated in a very pleasant and painless way! Now you can see for yourself! It’s even more pleasant to sit on the chair and get such a soft massage of your most intimate body parts when you understand how useful this procedure is for your health. The water ranges from 25-36 degrees for toning, and fro 37-40 degrees for a relaxing effect among patients with inflammations of female or male sexual organs.

Charcot shower
This is a water treatment procedure that consists of a stream of water aimed at the patient’s body from 3-5 meters away. The combination of compact and fan-type water streams aimed at various parts of the body in turn has a restorative effect and activates skin cells. Furthermore, this shower is used on illnesses of joints. Weight loss and the battle with cellulite go much better thanks to the Charcot shower. This shower was invented by the French neurologist and psychiatrist Jean-Martin Charcot. Unsurprisingly, the Charcot shower is a great way to fight with neuroses, depression, and other nervous disorders. The water stream with pressure of more than 2 atmospheres, which warms up every cell in your body, rejuvenates and energizes you. Your fatigue, depression and stress disappear without a trace.

Inhalations (herbal, oil, pharmaceutical, mineral water)
Inhalations are conducted by inhaling a mist of various medications (herbal infusions, various oils, preparations, narzan) which improve the functions of the mucosa of the resipiratory system and have anti-inflammatory and broncholytic effects.

Infita Therapy
Physiotherapy method based on the use of low-frequency impulse electric fields of low intensity for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Infita therapy has inherent sedative, analgesic, antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative trophicosensory and desensitizing effects. It helps to raise the level of hormones in the blood and tissues, normalizes microcirculation in tissues and organs, improves peripheral circulation and coagulation, rheological properties and the oxygen capacity of the blood, strengthens and restores the immune system, and improves trophic tissues. Patients with gynecological disorders of the menstrual cycle can see a clear trend towards regulation and normalization of hormonal levels under the influence of infita therapy, and a reduction in the severity of psycho-vegetative reactions.

Functional diagnostics room and veloergometer
Modern, high-quality equipment makes it possible both to make an electrocardiogram and to monitor it throughout the day to identify latent coronary heart disease and various types of arrhythmias. You can also monitor the patient’s blood pressure for 12 or 24 hours to identify the characteristics of the disease in patients with hypertension, and the daily average fluctuation of blood pressure in connection with biorhythms. The veloergometer is used to diagnose the reserves of the heart muscle under different types of physical stress. The diagnostics room is also used to conduct reographic research to determine the blood flow in blood vessels of the brain — rheoencephalography, as well as in the vessels of the upper and lower extremities (rheovasography). The spirography method helps identify various degrees of respiratory dysfunction in patients with broncho-pulmonary disease. The method of neurodynamic technique fractal analysis in screening mode makes it possible to define the level and reserves of the cardiovascular system, vegetative and central regulation, and to analyze the deviation of these parameters from the norm, evaluate the energy resources of the body, the ability of self-control, to predict the patient’s psychological and physical condition, as well as to fully evaluate the effectiveness of various methods of therapy in treatment and prevention using spa treatment.

Ultrasound room
These rooms are equipped with a device made by Philips and General Electric LOGIQ 3, which have a set of multi-frequency transducers that make it possible to study the heart and blood vessels, as well as abdominal and pelvic organs, superficial organs (breast, thyroid, and soft tissues). When studying the heart and blood vessels, programs are used based on the Doppler effect with color and power Doppler blood flow, which is a measure of the speed and condition of the vessels. This method determines the permeability of blood vessels of the head, upper and lower extremities, neck, valvular and venous network of the lower extremities.

Sigmoidoscopy room
This method detects diseases of the large intestine in children and adults. This study can reliably diagnose inflammatory bowel disease, diseases of the anus, ulcers and erosions, and polyps. This method is necessary to determine the indications for the unique procedure of colon hydrotherapy, or intestinal lavage.

The clinical diagnostic laboratory conducts general clinical, biochemical and immunological studies.

Gynecology room
An experienced gynecologist performs diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, infertility, and dishormonal tumors of the uterus and mammary glands. Colposcopy is used for diagnosis of the endometrium and vaginal cytology and bacteriology. Studies are made for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. The room is used to give gynecological baths, herbal tampons, pelvic massage, and gynecological irrigation using natural narzanom.

Urology room
An experienced urologist conducts procedures prescribed by a doctor, such as prostate massage, and various microenemas. Mud rectal tampons are conducted by a nurse. Chronic prostatitis is widely treated using mud therapy and physiotherapy.

Psychotherapist’s room
Only psychotherapists of the highest category with various treatment techniques lead appointments with our guests. Our psychotherapists know how to conduct group and individual psychotherapy, Ericksonian analysis, neurolinguistic programming, and transactional analysis.

Cosmetic procedures
Cosmetic procedures are carried out in the cosmetics room, equipped with highest level special facial care equipment made in Holland. We offer the following cosmetics services: machine peeling, ampoule therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, muscle toning, electrolysis, and face cleaning. Integrated therapy of the skin of the face, neck and bust is conducted using professional cosmetics.

Colon hydrotherapy
Colon hydrotherapy is aimed at cleaning the lower parts of the large intestine from excrement to enhance local blood flow in the intestinal tract, to restore the absorption of gases and minerals in the blood, and improve motor and secretory functions of the large intestine. The toxic effect of the decay of food in the gut on the entire body is also eliminated, which improves overall health, gives one a feeling of “flight”.

Intestinal procedures (microenemas, mud rectal tampons, massage of the prostate gland)
These procedures are prescribed for patients with diseases of the colon or prostate in men, and have an anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, healing effect, and contribute to the restoration of motor activity of the intestine.

Therapeutic exercise, shaping, aerobics, water aerobics, yoga, Qigong
These are sets of physical exercises aimed at preventing and treating various illnesses, lowering excess weight, correcting one’s figure, improving one’s general health, increasing body tone, and improving one’s mood.

Manual therapy with spinal extension
This therapy is conducted for guests with various spinal diseases using various manipulations: classical techniques of manual therapy, spinal extension on a special couch, and with shock-wave therapy.

Classical massage
A favorite resort procedure which is mainly used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This procedure is always a good addition to the main course of treatment, wherever you need to relax tense muscles, get treatment for ill connective tissue, or prepare a patient for physical therapy. That said, massage has contraindications, which must be kept in mind.

This is training in the gym with exercise equipment to develop and strengthen different muscle groups, and training in a room with metered loads, which makes it possible to determine the adequacy of various physical exercises for a variety of patients with different diseases.

Jade massage
This is a new type of regenerative medicine. It uses a multifunctional bed-massager that combines different methods of rehabilitation, including physical therapy, infrared radiation, reflexology effect, low-frequency myostimulation, and manual therapy.

Ozone therapy
Ozone therapy is one of the most effective methods available today of treating many illnesses without using drug treatment. This method makes it possible to use powerful catalytic and oxidizing ozone properties to the maximum. The ozonized solution that enters the blood has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect, and supports and strengthens the immune system. Ozone therapy is easy on patients, and has practically no side effects. One’s metabolism improves thanks to the influence of ozonized solutions, and fat is burnt faster as well.

Sensory room
This treatment is performed on orthopedic couches that allow you to fully relax while listening to relaxation music or special programs made by psychotherapists. Positive results of treatment: aromatherapy, improved mood, reduction of psychosomatic symptoms and decreased anxiety.

This treatment calls for re-making the unique factors of speleo clinics, located in potash and salt mines. The same conditions are made for you in a specially equipped room where you’ll have salt spray, extremely low bacterial contamination, high levels of air ions, stable temperature and humidity conditions, and favorable psycho-emotional impact. Speleotherapy provides a significant effect in treating diseases such as bronchial asthma, various allergic conditions, and chronic bronchopulmonary illnesses.

Tanning in a vertical turbo solarium gives the patient’s skin the chance to get particles of invigorating summer sun and undergo a fantastic transformation, even in the gloomy autumn or cold winter.

Machine physiotherapy
This is a whole set of various methods of medical treatment using small electric currents, electromagnetic fields, ultrasound, and laser bands. The resort doctors have devices available for magnetic therapy, ultrasound treatment, UHF- and EHF-therapy, and a multi-function laser system, a unique device for electric-therapy. We also have the only apparatus for shock wve therapy available anywhere in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. This apparatus is used both to treat heel spurs and seals in the muscles and ligaments, muscle pain points, the syndrome of lumbar back and other painful conditions of muscles, joints and ligaments. -Pneumatically-generated acoustic pulses are transmitted to the body through a freely-moving applicator, and cover the entire painful area. Shock waves destroy cell membranes, and the pain receptors no longer transmit pain signals.

The phyto-bar offers infusions of herbs that retain a complex of active biological substances. Indications for use: diseases of the circulatory system, respiratory organs, nervous and endocrine systems, metabolic disorders, and disorders of the digestive system.

This procedure is effective at reducing anxiety, improving one’s mood, and reducing psychosomatic symptoms. This is a relaxation procedure whereby the patient, by swimming in a saturated salt solution that produces weightlessness, promotes deep muscle and mental relaxation, restores vitality, and relieves physical and muscular tension.

Fractal neurodynamic analysis
This analysis is one of the latest “cosmic” developments of Russian scientists, based on analysis of the body’s regulatory systems. The device was intended for use in Earth’s orbit to assess the functional status of astronauts and forecast their daily biological activity. Health resort doctors use the apparatus to determine your body’s reserves, the quality and effectiveness of the treatment you receive, and your biological age, which typically goes down by the time our guests leave the resort.

Functional live blood analysis
Visual examination of a drop of live blood. This method is considered to be a gold fund of medicine, and received recognition in the U.S. in 1996, and in 2006 in Russia. Live blood analysis is done using a special microscope with magnification of 1800 times that of a video camera connected to a monitor, and it allows the doctor and patient to monitor the processes occurring in the blood. We can observe a real struggle in a drop of our blood, when white blood cells drop their feet (pseudopodia), grow in size, and capture the “alien”.

Scientific evidence shows that the source of all ills of the body is malnourished cells and washing out of their metabolic products. Eight perfect of all our blood is constantly in capillary blood flow, and so the method of live blood analysis allows us to objectively reflect the whole picture of life of the body. This makes it possible to detect early signs of metabolic disorders, fermentopathy, dysbiosis, allergies, toxicity levels, hypoxia, low immunity, acidification of the blood, the tendency towards thrombosis, lack of vitamins and minerals, and other conditions. All of these changes can be see at the stage when other classical methods of investigation have not yet revealed anything. The task of live blood analysis is to help each person to see and understand and make a decision in the selection of individual treatment and recovery programs in order to maintain and promote health.

Plaza Health Resort Kislovodsk has the following medical specialists: a cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, gynecologist, pediatrician, physical therapist, dermatologist, dietician, beautician, chiropractor, and psychotherapist.

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