Treatment of diseases of the respiratory system

Minimum stay: 10 days

Age category: 18 years and older

List of recommended procedures* Quantity
Diagnostic procedures 10 days 14 days 21 days
1 Initial check-up and dynamic observation by a doctor-therapist 3 4 5
2 Consultations by doctor-specialists (based on symptoms) 2 3 4
3 Clinical blood analysis by indications 1 1 1
4 Clinical urine analysis by indications 1 1 1
5 Biochemical blood analysis: PTI, glucose, lipid profile 1 1 2
6 Resting ECG, and based on symptoms: Resting ECG with additional leads or with functional tests 1 1 2
7 Spirography with functional tests - 1 1
8 Fluoroscopy or X-rays of the lungs by indications - 1 1
Wellness procedures
9 Therapeutic swimming in a pool with thermotherapy for 1 hour Daily
10 Natural sunbaths on a climate-controlled terrace or therapeutic sleep outdoors for 2 hours Daily
11 Terrain course with therapeutic walking in the Resort Park (route number based on indications) Daily
12 Physical training in the gym for 30 minutes Daily
Medical procedures
13 Drinking mineral water for medical purposes, 1 glass 3 times per day (well at the health resort) Daily
14 Dietary food 3 times a day, buffet-style Daily
15 Exercise therapy in a group 8 10 14
16 Narzan baths or artificial baths 7 8 10
17 Oxygen therapy 8 10 10
18 Mud applications: electrical mud or mud applications (1-2-3 zones) - 6 10
19 Speleotherapy 8 13 20
20 Phytotea or oxygen cocktail 3 times per day 10 13 19
21 Classical hand massage of the chest – 2.0 units 6 8 10
22 Machine physiotherapy 10 2*6(12) 2*8 (16)
23 Inhalations: herbal, alkaline, or medical 8 8 10
24 Thermotherapy “Cedar Barrel” with balsams by indications 1 2 3
25 Turbo solarium, 4 minutes at a time - 6 8
26 Ozone therapy (with ODF) 6 8 10
27 Taking the phyto preparation “Reovaza-quartet” made by Ampulife, 1 ampule per day 10 12 19
28 Drug treatment without planned courses Based on urgent indications

Expected effects from treatment:

Lengthening the period of remission of respiratory diseases, improving lung functions and quality of life.

The resort package also includes:

  • Lodging in a room of the category of your choice
  • Three healthy meals per day served buffet-style
  • Entertainment programs for kids
  • Children’s club services
  • SPA services: swimming pool, sauna, hammam, and gym
  • Wi-Fi Internet

Prescription of medical treatment and the quantity of procedures is determined by the supervising doctor based on the diagnosis, severity of the diagnosis, stages and phases of the illness, and accompanying illnesses listed in the health resort card or revealed during examination, as well as the recommendations of the health resort doctors, based on the approved cost of one bed-day of health resort treatment. Examinations and procedures that cost more than the given cost of a bed-day are paid for additionally as per the current price list for medical services.

Dear guests, please take the following items with you:

  • Your passport and medical insurance policy;
  • For children from 4 to 12 years old: birth certificate, certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist about the absence of contact between the child and any infectious patients at the child’s place of residence and school or day care;
  • For children up to 4 years old – certificate of the epidemiological environment, certificate of inspection for enterobiasis (made within the last month)

In the absence of the above-mentioned documents, the necessary examinations are made at additional cost to the guest as per the current price list for medical services.

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