Vladimir Anatolievich Uvarov

Vladimir Anatolievich Uvarov

Doctor-pediatrician, physician of bio-resonance diagnostics.

Mr. Uvarov graduated from the Kuibyshev State Medical Institute (KSMI) in 1980. He did his residency in 1980-1981 in “Pediatrics” at KSMI, and trained in primary specialization courses under the program “Vegetative resonance test and bioresonance therapy” in 2009 in the Imedis Center in Moscow. He regularly studies in the cycles of professional improvement in medical universities in Moscow.

Mr. Uvarov has total medical experience of 30 years.

He specializes as a pediatrician, with professional experience in his field of 20 years, and as a doctor of bio-resonance diagnostics, with professional experience of 1 year. He has certificates in the specialization of pediatrics.

Mr. Uvarov has been working in Plaza since December, 2009. He uses the methods of bio-resonance diagnostic techniques for fungi, viruses, parasites, food, and drugs, as well as the method of bioelectrography.

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