Tatyana Yuryevna Pashchenko

Tatyana Yuryevna Pashchenko

Doctor of functional diagnostics.


Mrs. Pashchenko graduated from Donetsk State Medical Institute in 1991. She did her residency at the Donetsk Medical University in the field of “Therapy” in 1994-1996, and in 1999 when to courses of her primary specialization in functional diagnostics at the Rostov Military Hospital. Ms. Pashchenko regularly studies in cycles of professional improvement in medical universities in Moscow.

Mrs. Pashchenko has total medical experience of 18 years.

Her specialization is doctor of functional diagnostics, with professional experience of 11 years. She has certificates in the field of functional diagnostics.

Mrs. Pashchenko is a doctor of functional diagnostics of the highest category.

Mrs. Pashchenko has been working in Plaza since January, 2006. She uses the following methods of functional diagnostics: Resting ECG and functional tests, bicycle ergometry, rheographic research methods (rheoencephalography, rheovasography), Holter ECG monitoring, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, spirography (study of respiratory function), helikotest (research on the presence of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach), fractal neurodynamic analysis, and angiotest.

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