Natalya Sergeevna Kolchanova

Natalya Sergeevna Kolchanova

Doctor of ultrasound diagnostics

Mrs. Kolchanova graduated from Ivanov State Medical Academy (ISMA) in 1998 with a specialization in pediatrics. She did her residency with a specialization in Pediatrics at ISMA in 1998-1999, and took courses in the primary specialization of ultrasound diagnostics in 2007 in FPC of medical workers of the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship. Mrs. Kolchanova regularky studies in cycles of professional improvement in medical institutes in Moscow.

Mrs. Kolchanova has total medical experience of 11 years.

Mrs. Kolchanova has a specialization in ultrasound diagnostics, with work experience in her specialization of 2 years.

Mrs. Kolchanova has been working in Plaza Health Resort since September, 2007. She uses the following methods of ultrasound diagnostics: examination of the heart, organs of the abdominal region (the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen), thyroid, kidneys, bladder, brachiocephalic arteries, the arteries and veins of the lower extremities, prostate, scrotum, soft tissues, and pelvic organs.

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