Olga Vasilievna Bogush

Olga Vasilievna Bogush

Olga Bogush, deputy head doctor.

Ms. Kalinichenko graduated from Kuban State Medical Institute named after the Red Army in 1985. She then did her residency at Pyatigorsk Scientific Institute of Health Resort Medicine and Physiotherapy in 1985-1986, with a specialization in “Internal illnesses”. Ms. Kalinichenko then did a residency in the clinical division of Pyatigorsk Scientific Institute of Health Resort Medicine and Physiotherapy with a specialization in gastroenterology in 1990-1992. Ms. Kalinichenko regularly studies at professional improvement courses in medical institutes of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Ms. Kalinichenko has total medical experience of 24 years.

Ms. Kalinichenko specializes as a doctor-therapist, and has working experience of 24 years in this field. She also specializes as a doctor-health manager, with 19 years of work experience, and as a doctor of recovery medicine, with work experience of 3 years. Ms. Kalinichenko has certificates in the fields of therapy, health management, social medicine, gastroenterology, dietology, and regenerative medicine.

Ms. Kalinichenko is a doctor-therapist of the highest category, a doctor-gastroenterologist of the highest category, and a doctor-dietician of the highest category.

Ms. Kalinichenko has been working in Plaza since November, 2005.

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