Boris Sharafootdovich Dotdaev

Boris Sharafootdovich Dotdaev


Mr. Dotdaev graduated from North Ossetian State Medical Institute (NOSMI) in 1972. He then did his residency at NOSMI in “Surgery” in 1972-73. He took a course in reflex therapy in 1985 at Tashkent State Doctors Improvement Institute, and did his primary specialization in manual therapy in 1986 at NOSMI. He studies regularly in cycles of professional improvement at the Stavropol State Medical Academy.

Mr. Dotdaev has 37 years of medical experience.

Specialization: physician-reflexologist, professional experience of 24 years, and doctor-chiropractor, professional experience of 23 years. Mr. Dotdaev has certificates in the specializations of reflexology and chiropractic work.

Mr. Dotdaev is a physician-reflexologist of the highest category.

Mr. Dotdaev has been working in Plaza since June, 2006. He’s proficient in classical acupuncture, and classic chiropractic therapy (post isometric relaxation) combined with acupressure.

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