Advice and recommendations

Advice and recommendations for our future resort guests
The pace of modern life requires us to put in maximum effort and expend colossal amounts of energy and strength. We work to our limits all year round. The increased pace of life, our constant activity, noise pollution, smog in large cities, and a lack of deserved vacation time all have an unfavorable effect on our well-being and lead to negative changes in our condition. Health resort treatments are a perfect way for you to get your strength back, improve the functioning of your internal organs, and gain new energy and optimism, while all the while receiving pleasure from your rest! This is the main difference between health resort treatment and hospitalization or home treatment. Going to a health resort is a great way for you to dedicate valuable minutes of your life to your weakened organism, rather than to an illness that requires your constant attention.

Remember that your doctor should be your main advisor when choosing a place to rest. Discuss your plans with your doctor, and follow your doctor’s advice about which health resort to choose. Don’t be afraid to talk to specialists about health resorts. You can get a consultation with doctors from the Plaza Kislovodsk Health Resort by calling +7 (879) 379-34-00. When recommending a health resort, your doctor will take into account both your illness and the degree of its progression, the condition of your nervous system in general, and the circumstances of your trip to a health resort (the distance you have to travel, the forms of transportation you can use, and the potential influence on your physical and psychic-emotional state).

The importance of visiting a doctor before going on a trip was discovered back in the 18th century, when the Russian Emperor issued a decree forming the first health resorts in Russia. Peter the Great issued a decree once the construction of the health resort at the Olentskie Waters was completed, in which he commanded:

“For doctors to write the rules about how to use these waters, how to live, which food to eat and which water to drink, in order to get benefit rather than worsen one’s health.”

The “Doctor’s Rules” required people who wanted to rest at mineral waters to consult a doctor first.

Every health resort has a set of medical indications and contraindications. Each health resort institution follows a certain main treatment profile, but also has additional treatment profiles which greatly widen its medical capabilities. Thus you must set the right priorities when choosing one health resort or another, and decide what treatment is most important to you. Thereby the results of your medical treatment will be most productive, and the rehabilitation effect of your stay will exceed all of your expectations in that health resort where the medical treatments offered are the most directed at your medical condition.

The main profile of the town of Kislovodsk and the Plaza Kislovodsk Health Resort in particular is medical treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, musculoskeletal, endocrine and genito-urinary systems. The medical analyses which you get before taking your trip to the resort must be written into your health resort card. Having your own personal health resort card is a necessary condition for being accepted at the resort. Don’t forget that your personal health resort card has a limited validity period (no more than one month), thus you should have it filled in no more than a month before your visit to the resort.

“Patients with medical problems which can’t be solved with fresh air alone, and which require treatment with water or mud, are sent by doctors’ orders, very rarely by the patient’s own choice, to the according medical treatment areas.” L. B. Bertenson, 1915.
Put your trust in our specialists! Health resort doctors are responsible for choosing you the optimal quantity and combination of procedures, depending on the individual particularities of your organism.

One of the main conditions of high-quality rest is choosing the right time of year to visit the resort depending on your age and your body’s endurance. The most favorable period for health resort treatment for the majority of us is the fall. In southern resorts, in particular, the winter and spring are also good times of year to get treatment. The resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region have a more favorable location in this regard than, for example, resorts on the Black Sea coast. Rest, wellness, and medical treatment can be combined in the Caucasian Mineral Waters region at any time of the year. Kislovodsk is also called the “sun city”, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, a mild climate, an easy winter, long summer and stable autumn weather.

Following these recommendations is a guarantee of successful rest and achieving the desired effect on your health! We wish you a great rest at the resort and a great mood!

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