Kislovodsk is a balneological and mountain-climate health resort. The main natural resources of the resort are its mineral waters, mud, and climate.

The specializations of Kislovodsk and Plaza Health Resort in particular are treatment and prevention of illnesses of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, musculoskeletal, endocrine, and urinary-genital systems of the body.

Plaza Kislovodsk’s medical center covers more than 3,000 square meters, and is equipped with the most modern equipment purchased in Germany, Holland, Russia, and other countries.

Our resort has a very strong and very modern medical diagnostic base. Qualified medical personnel who have done their studies both in Russia and abroad help make your treatment pleasant and effective.

Plaza Health Resort has the highest accreditation categories, and has licenses and certificates for conducting medical operations in 36 different types of health resort treatment.

Our medical service uses a European organization model for serving guests, making it possible to individualize our medical programs for each guest taking into account the classification of their main illness, its phases and stages, and any complications or accompanying illnesses.


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