Sometimes you want to go beyond the everyday. The body requires a holiday at the call of the soul, not the calendar. So why not? You deserve this holiday, so choose your SPA composition, book a time and … The holiday starts on your schedule!

Cinq Mondes best SPA rituals

Ritual “Bali, Indonesia” + Balinese massage

Ritual “Bangalore, India” + Ayurvedic massage

Ritual of “Kyoto, Japan” + Massage Ko Bi Do

Ritual “Beytszin, China” + TAO massage

Ritual “Atlas, Morocco” + massage in the hammam

SPA compositions for your form

SPA compositions to improve your muscle tone (elasticity), cellulite reduction (smoothness), weight loss (harmony), waist-stomach (optimal norm).

“Talgomins LC 24″
Battles with fatty deposits, stimulates blood circulation, reduces fluid retention and reduces swelling of subcutaneous tissue and muscle fatigue. Effective for the treatment of cellulite.

Special scrub, anti-cellulite massage with cream and an activator for weight loss and algae mask “Talgomins.”
For relaxation, well-being and good mood

Indoceane SPA ritual for relaxation and energizing

This is a sea voyage in which the flavors and colors of the East are mixed with the treasures of the sea. Health and beauty become one. This extraordinary ritual will lead you to the discovery of a new method of relaxation that refreshes the body and mind through an incomparable sense of peace and inner strength. It’s a journey of inner peace.

All three phases of the ritual represent their own country. Scrubbing is the Mediterranean. The scrub contains all the natural essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and tangerine petigrina.

A relaxing massage represents India, using massage oil on the basis of apricot oil with essential oils of cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. Finally, the great cream wrap represents China. This is a wrap with Qi – Marin (algae with an anti-stress effect), and has a high content of rice germ oil (safety and nutritional properties), and the sacred lotus (relaxing effect). Its delicate powdery scent with notes of warm rice will take you to a Chinese temple of beauty and absolute tranquility.


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