Despite the historical precedence of water treatments in SPA resorts, massage procedures have occupied the first place in the popularity ratings of SPA services for many years.

In the classic understanding, massage is part of physiotherapy medical procedures. Today, however, the term “massage” includes a variety of forms and techniques that are similar only in the manual nature of their performance.

Massage is art. Massage is able to change our spiritual, emotional and physical state. This not only effects the skin, muscles and underlying tissues, but also has a powerful effect on the entire body.

Turkish soap massage
This is the result of combining the various elements of folk cultures in one single procedure that carries you to youth, health, purity, peace, and joy of communication.

The health-related effects of the Turkish bath have a lot in common with other types of baths. The Turkish bath improves blood circulation, relieves excess weight, helps insomnia, relieves stress, relaxes muscles and calms the nerves, and rejuvenates and revitalizes the body as a whole. Turkish baths are especially popular among women: because of the high humidity and relatively low temperature, the steam room is not over-drying on the skin. The microclimate of the hamam is very soft at 30-40º C, with relative humidity up to 100%, which is easily tolerated by the body.

Visiting the Turkish bath is a special ritual which:

  • cleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances;
  • clears skin, open pores;
  • relieves fatigue and muscle tension, restores breathing;
  • stabilizes weight.

Stone massage
Stone therapy or massage stones is the art of healing through massage with stones. This is a multi-faceted technique that combines ancient practice with modern knowledge.

Stone therapy extends far beyond the physical impact of classic massage; it affects the underlying mechanisms of harmonization of energy, relaxation and health, and gives one a positive outlook towards the philosophy of “Body – Mind – Soul”. Sessions of stone therapy help unlock positive memories, gaining emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.

We offer you several types of stone massage in our resort.
Stone massage with hot rocks
Performed using basalt stones. The stones are heated to +50°C. Hot stones convey their warmth to the body tissues. The longer the exposure to temperature, the deeper heat penetrates down to the muscle tissue and joints. It expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the blood vessels, thus improving metabolism and calming the nervous system. After the massage you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed!

Contrast stone massage
Performed using basalt and marble stones. Hot stones are heated to 50°C, while cold stones are cooled in cold water to +10-20°C. Contrast stone massage, which combines massage with the impact of contrasting temperatures and energy of stones, allow SPA visitors to reach a new, unprecedented level of relaxation and cleansing of negative emotions, relieving stress and disease.

Modeling stone massage
Performed using basalt and marble stones. Hot stones are heated up to +55-60°C, and cold stones are cooled in a freezing chamber to 0 to -10°C. Stone modeling massage is a part of cryotherapy, i.e. cold treatment. The main effect of the stone modeling massage is slimming, lymphatic drainage, and toning and modeling tissues. It’s a very unusual and pleasant experience!

Thai massage
Thai massage originated 2,500 years ago. It combines elements of Ayurveda, yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. The founding father of the practice is Jivaka Kumarbhasha, who was a famous yogi and healer in ancient India.

Traditional Thai massage is a multi-component practice aimed at improving the body and the soul. Thai massage is called “passive yoga” or “yoga for the lazy” because the exercises are like the asanas of hatha yoga. Deep pressure provided with fingers, forearms, elbows, knees and soles knead muscles and stretch the fascia, soften the fibrous tissue and stimulate the development of elastic fibers, helping to reduce symptoms. Working with energy meridians together with the torsions and stretching of the body, affecting deep-striated muscles which are inaccessible to surface exposure, gives a powerful healing effect and improves health. The most notable results of the massage are achieving inner peace and tranquility, a drastic reduction of nervous stress and related psychosomatic symptoms, reducing pain of various etiologies in the back and pelvis, headaches, muscle lifting units, increased flexibility, joint mobility, activation of metabolic processes, and eliminating areas of numbness in the body.

Thai massage is a true balm for the soul and the body:

  • Comprehensive training of muscles, relieving muscle tension
  • Rejuvenation of the body: increased flexibility of the spine and joint mobility
  • Improvement of capillary circulation, thanks to which cells are optimally supplied with vital nutrients
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Positive impact on internal organs
  • Deep relaxation
  • Harmony with the surrounding environment, a state of rest, peace of mind, and confidence.

Thai massage is performed by certified specialists from the Wat Po Medical School (Kingdom of Thailand).

Wat Po traditional massage
You get changed into broad cotton clothes and lie down on a mat. Soft music plays, and the master starts the massage: he or she presses on the bioactive points on energy lines, stretches and compresses the muscles, like yoga and reflexology at the same time. It’s important that for the master, Thai massage is not mechanical work, but rather a spiritual practice. Your spine is straightened, the pressure disappears, and you have increased joint mobility. You feel the flexibility of the body and feel an extraordinary burst of energy.

Thai foot massage
Available in three versions:

Express foot massage for 30 minutes. Comfortable stimulation of reflex zones, giving a state of inner balance and harmony.

Traditional Thai foot massage. This technique with 3,000 years of history originated in China, and was moved by monks to the territory of modern Thailand, where this art was enriched by Indian techniques of reflexology and has reached our days as such. The massage is done with a special stick on reflex points. The result is absolute relaxation and a sense of inner peace, the promotion of functions of internal organs. System sessions allow one to reach a state of inner balance and harmony.

Royal Thai foot massage. Your feet are immersed in a bath with a decoction of traditional Thai herbs. At the same time you get a head massage, and then after washing the feet, you get a traditional Thai foot massage. You feel like you are flying for several days!

Wat Po traditional massage and Thai herbal steam bath
A relaxing and cleansing treatment consisting of steaming the skin with a vapor stream rich in extracts from traditional Thai herbs: kaffir lime, cinnamon, camphor, which stimulate the nervous system; ginger and lemongrass, which improve circulation and digestion; bergamot and Praia, which relieve tension and calm the nerves. And after steaming you get a traditional massage.

Wat Po traditional massage and hot herbal bags
Amazingly effective procedure. Spot body massage alternates with overlaying wrapped in fabric blend of herbs Praia tamarin leaves, turmeric, petals bergamot, camphor, lemongrass and black seeds. The heat from this natural source penetrates deep into the body, relaxes the muscles and causes a feeling of peace.

Hiro body massage (method Enrique Garcia Castilla, Spain)
Hiro body massage is a method to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, relieve muscle tension, improve the elasticity of the connective tissue, restoring joint mobility and body shaping. Hiro body massage has a great diversity of techniques and connecting elements. This massage is performed with fingertips, palm and wrists, and even the forearm and elbow. The large number of methods gives the master the freedom to decide in each case what will achieve the desired result.

Lymphatic drainage massage
The purpose of lymphatic drainage massage is increased movement of lymph through impact by affecting the lymph nodes, blood vessels and capillaries. Lymphatic drainage massage, which improves the flow of lymph, is done along the lymphatic lines. It promotes the active removal of excess fluid and toxins from the connective tissue. Massage movements are soft, smooth and rhythmic.

Anti-cellulite massage modeling
The method of anti-cellulite massage technique is an effective way of correction and is recommended to reduce localized fat deposits and signs of cellulite, and improve overall health. The massage is effective mainly on the layer of subcutaneous fat. Performed locally, in areas with severe manifestations, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and inner surface of the knee. Less commonly: arms, back, calves. Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at maximizing blood flow to the massaged areas, since the fundamental idea of treatment of cellulite is to restore microcirculation.

Brazilian modeling massage
Brazilian modeling massage technique is performed in staccato vibration. Thanks to the elastic medium body tissues under the influence of mechanical vibrations of percussion techniques executed by the hands, and bamboo chopsticks and bamboo brooms, waves are propagate not only on the superficial tissues and muscles, but also penetrating deep into the internal organs and blood vessels and nerves. This is an effective massage in the fight against cellulite, and relieving muscle tension and loaded muscles after exercise, and to relax psycho-emotional overload. Shock-resonance technique introduces a state of total relaxation.

Russian SPA massage
This unique method combines the best of Russian classical massage, Thai massage and shiatsu. Dimensional rocking with deep painless massage will lead you from worldly concerns and thoughts …

Buckwheat massage
Buckwheat massage or hot compresses using buckwheat have been used in Russia since ancient times. Healers and Orthodox monks treated patients with hot herbs with buckwheat groats for different ailments ranging from colds and sinusitis to arthritis and myositis. It’s ideal for restoring skin elasticity and enhancing muscle tone.

Ayurveda is the oldest known medical science of healing and prevention, tried and tested for over five thousand years.

The goal of Ayurveda is to achieve health through the establishment of equilibrium and harmony, rather than by fighting the disease.
A very effective component of Ayurvedic spa treatments are natural Indian oil. Ayurvedic massage involves massaging oils specially selected for certain reflex zones, lines and points.
Ayurvedic technique eliminates physical disabilities, harmonizing the mind and bringing peace of mind using the hidden power of internal energy that is in all of us.
You won’t have to wait long for a result: you’ll get a sense of ease and peace, young velvety skin with the light scent of exotic oils, and of course a good mood. The oils used during the procedures are hypoallergenic.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic therapeutic massage)
This treatment allows the skin and muscles to recover quickly after exercise. The skin is soft, and has a healthy sheen, while the muscles get more power. Abhyanga reduces fatigue and exhaustion of the body, heals body aches and fatigue, relieves nerve pain and strengthens the nerves. This massage is done with the help of a specially selected blend of essential oils. By stimulating biologically active points (marmas), a heightened state of consciousness is achieved.

Ayurvedic facial massage
This massage uses a special massage technique, smoothing wrinkles and returning vitality, and giving great facial skin, while preventing age-related changes. The massage uses unique oils produced by special technology of well-defined varieties of raw materials grown in the unique conditions of India.

Sesame oil penetrates deeply into the skin and cleans it, bringing out the harmful products of metabolism, dirt and dead cells: it neutralizes UV radiation, heals wounds, fractures, burns, and moisturizes the skin. It’s very good for dry, flaky, aging skin.

Coconut oil soothes and cools the skin while protecting against the effects of aggressive factors of the modern city, and softens and moisturizes the skin.

Kidsol oil is for sensitive and delicate skin. It relieves irritation, peeling, and manifestation of allergic reactions in the form of urticaria and flushing.

Ayurvedic head massage with healing oils
Head massage is equivalent to massaging the entire body. Oil soaks into the roots of hair, which are connected to nerve endings and, therefore, connected directly to the brain.
Head massage has diverse effects:

  • increases the flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain
  • relaxes and relieves fatigue
  • improves the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
  • increases the secretion of growth hormones and enzymes necessary for the growth and development of brain cells.

It stops hair loss, “starts” natural mechanisms of healthy hair growth, prevents and stops premature graying, restores the natural color of gray hair, revitalizes the scalp, dandruff (in just one week’s application!), Seborrhea, and other skin problems, reduces eye fatigue, nervous tension and stress, and promotes deep healthy sleep.

It’s not recommended to perform this massage immediately after meals, at an elevated temperature, and in cases when it is contraindicated.

Brahmi is recommended for tedious nervous activity, increased eye strain.

Dandruff — actively fights dandruff, soothes the skin, normalizes its condition, nourishes and strengthens hair and restores its structure, giving volume and shine.

Kalindhi — supplies the hair and scalp with natural mineral and organic substances, actively promotes hair growth, and prevents early graying.

Ayurvedic refreshing and relaxing foot massage with healing oils
This procedure combines the therapeutic effect of a multicomponent oil with a special technique of exposure to biologically active points of the foot. This massage is recommended to be combined with head massage: the combined effect of the procedures enhances the effect.

Oils used
Brahmi — one of the most popular tools used to restore and rejuvenate all the organ systems, toning and improving metabolism.
Pinda — has a soothing and cooling effect, is used to eliminate the burning sensation that arises in rheumatoid arthritis, gout.

Ayurvedic refreshing and relaxing foot massage
This procedure is especially recommended for women who wear shoes with high heels, who exhaust their feet by prolonged standing or walking, and works as a great restorative and preventive measure after long dancing.
Neither “stars” nor an increased venous pattern are contraindications for this procedure. It gives a gorgeous lymphatic drainage effect!

Oils used
Sahacharadi — normalizes blood circulation, strengthens blood vessels, improves muscle tone, successfully fighting with a sense of numbness, eliminating rheumatic pain, “stars” and “inflated” veins.
Shudhabala — increases the effectiveness of massage for all types of rheumatic problems.
To flush the oil after treatment: Ayurvedic herbal soap or powdered herbs for body wash (Greene Graham or Snana Churnam).

Udvartana (general ayurvedic massage with herbal powder)
Udvartana is an analogue of general massage (Abhyanga). Herbal powder is used to effectively deal with obesity. You get luxurious skin after peeling with herbal powder.
Contraindicated for people with allergies to herbs!

Powders used
Triphala — contains all the essential skin vitamins and minerals, and is an antioxidant tonic. Gently cleanses the tissues, removes waste and toxins.
Kalakulathadi — splits and displays severe subcutaneous fat, salt deposits, free from toxins. Massage with herbal powder rejuvenates and restores healthy skin, making the skin soft and silky.
Amalaki — gently cleanses the tissues, relieves the rough layer of the skin, is a natural antioxidant, and is an immunomodulatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal agent. Contains a large amount of vitamin C, carotene, riboflavin, methionine, tannin, albumin, calcium, phosphorus, and copper. Strong tonic and aphrodisiac.

Shiradhara – pouring oil on the forehead
Effective procedure for overcoming headaches and migraines, relieve fatigue, stress, overcome insomnia and deep health-improving hair care.

A fine stream of warm healing oil falls on the patient’s forehead in the course of the procedure. During the procedure, a modern city resident rests more and better than during a two-week vacation, and experiences serenity, calmness and clarity of mind, and gets feelings forgotten since infancy.

Oils used to massage the scalp promote healthy, deep sleep, relieve tension and stress, promote restoration of hair structure, and give volume and shine.

Chinese beauty massage for the body CHI YANG
CHI YANG massage technique gives the body a new energy, harmony, well-being and relief.
Nothing can break a person’s vital energy flow so much as muscle tension. Muscle tension and nervous pressure accompany us throughout life. Each pulse sent, every change in the conditions of life, and every emotion, whatever they may be, provoke tension in our body. Stress is always expressed in the form of muscle tension. Constant stress leads to chronic tension. Mental stress is also manifested in physical-muscular tension.

CHI YANG BODY is a massage technique to relieve stress and remove blockage in the body. It activates the self-energy of the body and stimulates lymphatic flow.

CHI YANG massage technique gives the body new energy, harmony, well-being and relief.
The effect of the massage is amplified by using CHI YANG GOLDEN BODY OIL with particles of 22-karat gold.

During the CHI YANG energy massage, special moves worked muscles neck, back, abdomen and legs. The special CHI YANG massage technique activates the energy flows in the body and leads to the removal of internal tension and blockades.

Kinesio massage
Kinesiotherapy is the only natural method of replenishing the body in case of problems of the musculoskeletal system by impacting the system of muscles, ligaments and joints. This treatment uses motion (the patient repeats the same movements again and again, perfecting them), thus the system acts on the muscles, ligaments and joints. All systems of the body are connected with the muscles in the form of muscle reflexes. The method is based on the ability of the muscles of the body to react to the slightest change in a person’s mood and thoughts.

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