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Plaza Health Resort offers more than just traditional spa treatments to its guests. Plaza also offers various wellness programs and SPA rest programs.

The common interpretation of the Latin phrase SPA — sanus per aquam — “health through water”, is not quite true. Latin grammar does not allow for such a combination, because the word “sanus” means “healthy”, not “health”, and if you translate the phrase “health through water” into Latin, it will be aquae vi sanus, aqua sanatus.

The word SPA comes from the Belgian Resort Spa. Starting from the 16th century, Spa become a favorite holiday destination of Belgian tourists. People in Britain started calling mineral springs SPAs in the 17th century, and only in the second half of the twentieth century did the word take on a new meaning.

The definition of the International SPA Association is: “A SPA is a system of maintaining a high quality of life, preventing disease, maintaining a high index of health and rehabilitation after heavy work loads by using the means and methods of natural genesis.”

SPA is a set of wellness procedures that use of sea, thermal, mineral, or fresh water, as well as seaweed, herbs and medicinal mud, the purpose of which is to provide harmony of the body, soul and spirit. SPA also includes fitness programs, diet programs, programs of regeneration and rejuvenation, and programs for the face and body.

SPA is harmony of the body and soul…

SPA is the smell of fragrant flowers, freshness, and the purity of morning…

SPA is the hands that had the honor to touch your body, it’s the music that calms and soothes…

SPA is new birth and your inner inspiration

SPA is made up of procedures that favorably affect the body through the skin, improve metabolism, have a positive effect on blood circulation, and remove residues and toxins from the body.

Today it is difficult to imagine separation of body correction and aesthetics from SPA procedures. They have firmly taken their place in the treatment of cellulite, body correction, and body care. This comes as no surprise since a well-chosen course of SPA procedures has a great effect, reduces the body’s volume and the appearance of cellulite, improving skin texture, and improving skin tone and elasticity.

Esthetics play a huge role in the SPA philosophy: each procedure is similar to a ritual which is performed only for your sake. This is a fundamental difference between the SPA and medicine. Although many massages and wraps have a pronounced therapeutic effect, the SPA concept is not about giving a cure. The SPA is a certain way of life in which you can find harmony between yourself and nature.

Plaza’s skilled and caring professionals can offer you a wide range of areas of SPA-procedures:

Cosmetic body care
SPA treatments for the body: this is a whole integrated system comprising a range of treatments. SPA for the body is cosmetic, anti-stress, and modeling body care, that by acting on the skin, activates the metabolic processes in the body as a whole, removes toxins, improves circulation, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

SPA procedures for the face are a great addition to the SPA programs for the body. Cleansing, correction and full restoration care in combination with absolute relaxation during the procedure gives a stunning effect: the skin gets a “second wind”, and shines with health and beauty!

Massage is an ancient remedy for relaxation and relieving tiredness. People have been improving their health and restoring emotional balance with it for many thousands of years already. During the massage, if you are disconnected from the outside world, you fall into a state of languor and drowsiness, and after the procedure you feel at ease, relaxed and rejuvenate, and the skin becomes soft and silky!

“Dead Sea” salon of climate wellness
Climatotherapy is one of the oldest methods of restoring health, strengthening the immune system, and providing anti-aging effects. People have used the climate of the Dead Sea for cosmetic purposes since ancient times. The procedure gives you a great feeling of youthful emancipation and cleanliness!

SPA compositions
Sometimes you want to go beyond the everyday. The body requires a holiday at the call of the soul, not the calendar. So why not? You deserve this holiday, so choose your SPA composition, book a time and … The holiday starts on your schedule!

Kinder SPA
Plaza Health Resort offers our youngest guests specially designed SPA-procedures. The mountains, the sun, fresh air, and a balanced diet, coupled with SPA procedures will make your children healthy, strong and cheerful! Give your children health and pleasure!

Our SPA zone is open from 7:30 to 23:00. We’re happy to offer you our swimming pool (25 meters), Finnish sauna, Turkish steam room (hamam) and VIP sauna.

Welcome to our world of beauty, health, and harmony!

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