Machine cosmetology

Indications for use:
Veno-lymphatic stasis and swelling of the soft tissues; edematous cellulite, fibrous form, problems of body fat, obesity, slags, intoxication of soft tissue with waste products of cells, improving elasticity, tone, nutrition, and the respiratory function of the skin.

Operating principle
Skinfolds are stretched under vacuum power by a special nozzle, thereby improving blood circulation to the affected tissues, which improves metabolic processes, including fat metabolism. Moving the nozzle over the course of the veno-lymphatic system helps lymph drainage of the tissues.

A long-lasting effect is formed after taking the whole course of treatment (6-8 procedures). An active effect comes 1.5-2 months after the treatment is finished, and leads to better muscle tone, normalized blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and reduced puffiness.

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