“Life” Maharishi Ayurveda

  • Special medical program “Life” Maharishi Ayurveda

Minimum stay: 14 days.

Treatment program:

Providing information during the booking period:

  • results of abdominal ultrasound (validity – 3 months);
  • completion of a special form;
  • consultation by doctors-specialists;
  • pre-training according to the scheme agreed with the doctor of Ayurvedic Medical Department.
  • Fluorography or X-ray of lungs with description (up to 1 year)
  • electrocardiogram with a description (up to 1 month),
  • clinical blood test, clinical urine test, biochemical blood test: Glucose or glycated hemoglobin (up to 1 month).
List of recommended procedures* Quantity
аааа Diagnostic procedures
1 Consultation by doctors-specialists by ’pulse diagnosis’ 4
2 Bioresonance diagnosis an allergen. 1
Wellness procedures
3 Individual training in yoga and respiratory gymnastics with a specialist (60 min.) 1
4 Breathing gymnastics and yoga (30 min.) for indications
Medical procedures
5 Drinking mineral water for medical purposes, 1 cup 3 times per day (well on the territory of the health resort) Daily
6 Dietary ayurvedic food 4 times a day Daily
7 Narzan baths or artificial baths 2 (During the second week)
8 Abhyanga (Full body massage with essential oils given by two synchronized masseurs) 4
9 Abhyanga or Vishesh (deep full body massage with essential oils given by two synchronized masseurs) 1
10 Abhyanga or Udvartana (a body massage with the use of a specially prepared paste) 1
11 Nasya (ingesting into the nose of medicinal oils and herbs) or Shiro Basti 1
12 Local Podikili (local warming up of problem areas with special filling bags) 2
13 Shiro Dhara (stream of warm herbal oil rhythmically poured over the forehead.) or Taqrakhara (casting on the head of specially prepared milk) 3
14 Garshan (anti-cellulite massage with silk gloves followed by oil application) 1
15 Svedana (steam bath with special herbs) or Local Podikili (local warming up of problem areas with special filling bags) or Basti on individual parts of the body 2
16 Tarpan Netra (eye’s procedure with specially prepared oil) 2
17 Shodana Basti (ocittic enema with the use of grass dumps and oils) 3
18 Matra Basti (Oil enema) 4
19 Final Garshan (anti-cellulite massage with silk gloves followed by oil application) 1
20 Drug treatment without planned courses for urgent indications

Price list:

  • Special medical program “Life” Maharishi Ayurveda

Price in rubles per person per day for 2020. Check-out at 12:00 noon

Room category         Standard                          Suite                 Suite with additional comfort / Japan Studio     Apartments               Apartments with additional comfort (America, Asia) Presidential apartments (Africa, Europe)
2 persons/ DBL main place 14 000 17 000 17 500 21 500 28 400 33 600
1 person / SGL main place 22 400 27 200 28 000 34 400 45 440 53 760
Extra bed adult 9 800 11 900 12 250 15 050 19 880 23 520

 The resort package includes:

  • Lodging in a room of the category of your choice
  • Dietary ayurvedic food 4 times a day
  • Entertainment for adults and children
  • Children’s club services
  • SPA services: swimming pool, sauna, hammam, and gym
  • Wi-Fi Internet (unlimited and free of charge)
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