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19 September 2019

A new department was recently opened in Plaza Spa Hotel – the Department of Maharishi Ayurveda!



Ayurveda – the “Science of Life” in Sanskrit – includes the knowledge of all aspects of life: diet, lifestyle, and other natural methods to live long and healthy life. Ancient texts say, “Ayurvedo amritanam” – Ayurveda is for immortality (Charaka Samhitā, Sūtrasthāna, 25. 40)


Caucasian Mineral Waters is an ideal place to get rested and rejuvenated while receiving ayurvedic treatments.


Purest mountain air, mineral springs, medicinal herbs, and leisurely walks in beautiful Kislovodsk National park will enhance the healing effect and allow for achieving the main goals of Ayurveda – harmony of body and spirit, awakening of inner intelligence and life in accord with natural law and in tune with the environment.

Experience the rejuvenating and healing effect of Ayurveda by taking the course of treatments with one of the programs offered by our Maharishi Ayurveda department:


  • Introduction to Ayhurveda (3-day)
  • 7-day, 10-day or 14-day courses of Maharishi Panchakarma.


Panchakarma (five actions) is a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness. It is known for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.

All programs include a unique health evaluation called Ayurveda Pulse Assessment – a traditional diagnostic technique acknowledged by the World Health Organization. Based on that, your doctor will recommend a special ayurvedic vegetarian diet and an individualized treatment plan consisting of various massages and other ayurvedic treatments, that will provide a life-transforming experience and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.


Expected results:

· Balance of physiology, awakening of inner intelligence of the body and self-healing mechanisms.

· Natural stress reduction, and removal of toxins and other internal impurities.

· Prevention of and relief from the symptoms of disorders in cardio-vascular, muscular-skeletal, nervous, digestive, elimination and other organ systems.


Some of the most popular treatments:


Abhyanga – synchronized light whole-body massage with herbalized oils, performed by two technicians;


Vishesh – synchronized deep whole-body massage with herbalized oils, performed by two technicians;


Udvartana – synchronized toning whole-body massage, performed by two technicians using special paste made with flour, herbs and oils;


Shirodhara – oil head-massage followed by pouring a thin stream of medicinal oil on the forehead;


Padadhara – oil massage of feet and toes followed by pouring a thin stream of medicinal oil on the feet.


Pizzichili – truly royal treatment, during which a stream of warm oil is poured all over the body, with simultaneous light whole-body massage performed by two technicians. This is an effective combination of massage and heating treatment;


Local Podikili – modified Abhyanga followed by deep heating of problem zones of the body using hot boluses filled with the mixture of herbs and oils.


Basti on Different Parts of the Body – hot oil baths for problem zones of the back or other parts of the body using herbalaized oils; offered only by doctor’s recommendation.



More information about the procedures can be found at +7 (800)775-44-00 EXT. 855; mob. +7(905)445-10-43

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