The  Sanatorium   «Plaza»  Kislovodsk  4*  is the first international investment project of the  AFI Development in the Caucasian Mineral Waters, opened December 24,  2005 in one of the best areas of the resort zone of  Kislovodsk.

The sanatorium is located near the transport arteries. Distance to the international airport is 47 km.  ”Sanatorium Plaza” has its own access to the Kislovodsk National Park.

There are 275 rooms of different categories, ranging from 22 to 110 square meters.

The main dining hall “Panorama” for 285 persons offers a three-time dietary meal according to the “buffet” system.

Pump-room with mineral water (Narzan, Yessentuki 4, Essentuki «New» Slavyanovskaya) are located on the territory of the sanatorium.

There is a Lobby-bar for 110 people, where besides dishes and drinks, guests will enjoy a daily evening entertainment program.

The therapeutic housing with more than 100 medical offices covers an area of 4,000 sq.m. The total number of procedures  are  more than 2,000 in areas of:

laboratory diagnostics, functional diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, endoscopic diagnostics, bioresonance diagnostics and therapy, balneotherapy (mineral water  and artificial baths), shower-massage, mud treatment, physiotherapy, including general and local magnet therapy, laser therapy, phytotherapy, spectral phototherapy,  inhalations, speleotherapy (salt cave), oxygen therapy, medical massage, manual therapy, ozonotherapy, reflexotherapy, psychotherapy, dentistry, thermotherapy, intestinal procedures, procedures for ENT organs, urological and gynecological procedures, face and body cosmetology, etc.

Modern technical base allows not only to detect the disease in time, but also to pinpoint the stage, form, nature of the flow and effectiveness of the applied treatment. Medical housing is furnished with equipment from Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Israel, the USA and other countries.

Medical specialists are: cardiologist, neurologist, urologist, gynecologist, gastroenterologist, pediatrician, physiotherapist, nutritionist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, endocrinologist, therapist, chiropractor, reflexologist, ozone therapist, functional diagnostic and others.

SPA includes: twenty-five-meter indoor pool with two saunas and a hammam, cedar barrel thermotherapy room, solarium, yoga gym, professionally equipped gym, a children’s pool.

Spa offices: ethnic massages, SPA -massages, including stone therapy, soap massage, Ayurveda procedures, wraps, cosmetology rooms’ ets.

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