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Medical treatment   The new Plaza SPA Hotel Zheleznovodsk is located in the center of the resort zone of the city ofZheleznovodsk. The city has beautiful nature, and no industrial plants. Zheleznovodsk is located far from any polluted areas. For this reason many Russian and foreign specialists have named the city “Little Switzerland”. The most important and unique quality of Zheleznovodsk are its carbonic acid bicarbonate-sulfate sodium-calcium mineral waters. The resort owes its existence and reputation as a world-renowned health resort to these waters. The most well-known springs in Zheleznovodsk are the Slavyanovsky and Smirnovsky Springs, which have no equals in terms of their medical qualities.   The health resort’s main medical profile is treating the digestive organs, kidneys and urinary systems, men’s and women’s reproductive health, and metabolic disorders. Unique treatment methods are used to this end: physiotherapeutic programs for treating urological and gynecological illnesses, including infertility, magnitoturbotron, bioresonance therapy, ozone therapy, inphyto-therapy, and treatment of ENT diseases. The health resort has its own mineral water well-room.   We have our own diagnostic equipment to serve guests, including ultrasound diagnostics, electrocardiogram, laboratory clinical diagnostics, bioresonance testing, uroflowmeter, gastrofibroscopy, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, Holter monitoring, 24-hour arterial blood tension monitoring, spirography, neuro-fractal analysis, and bioimpedance analysis.   Plaza SPA Hotel Zheleznovodsk specializes in treating and preventing the following illnesses:   Illnesses of the digestive tract: Chronic gastritis (with preserved or increased secretion, with secretory failure) and gastroduodenity in remission Chronic colitis and enterocolitis Irritable bowel syndrome Peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in remission Operated stomach illness Chronic cholecystitis and cholangitis in remission Dysfunctional disorders of the biliary tract Chronic pancreatitis in remission Chronic hepatitis of various etiologies in the inactive phase Gallstones (cholelithiasis) without attacks of biliary colic Adhesive disease of the abdominal cavity Diseases of the male and female urogenital sphere: Chronic pyelonephritis in remission Urolithiasis which does not require surgery Chronic cystitis Chronic trigonity Chronic prostatitis, vesiculitis Chronic orchiepididymitis Erectile dysfunction Chronic inflammatory disease of the uterus and its appendages in remission Pelvic peritoneal adhesions Hypoplasia of the uterus and genital infantilism Ovarian dysfunction with failure of both phases of the cycle Male and female infertility of inflammatory and endocrine genesis Menopause Endocrine diseases and metabolic disorders: Diabetes: insulin-dependent and non-insulin diabetes and its complications – neuropathy and Angiopathy Metabolic syndrome Gout   The following diseases and conditions cannot be treated at Plaza SPA Hotel Zheleznovodsk:   All severe and chronic illnesses that are in the acute stage and complicated by purulent process. Acute infectious diseases before isolation is completed All venereal diseases in acute and contagious form All blood diseases in the acute stage Malignant neoplasms (Note: Patients who are following curative treatment for malignant neoplasms, but who have good general health, an absence of metastasis, and normal values of peripheral blood, can go to the Zheleznovodsk resort only for general rehabilitation treatment, and only after receiving approval from an oncologist).   All diseases and states, including benign tumors, which require hospitalization or surgery Echinococcus of any localization Repetitive or heavy bleeding Post-abortion period (before the first menstrual period) All forms of TB HIV Psychosis in the active phase or unstable remission, severe neurosis and psychopathy     Basic health resort packages Wellness packages Specialized packages Leading specialists Advice and recommendations Procedures Preliminary check-up by a doctor