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Air is life!

25 October 2013

“Officially, the maximum permissible levels of contamination (MPL) adopted for resorts is 20 percent lower than for other areas. And the fight for clean air in the Caucasian Mineral Waters area is strictly led within these limits” — explained Irina Senik, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the Kislovodsk High-Altitude Research Station. According to scientists, resorts located on the slopes of mountains and in canyons have an added bonus – they are supplied naturally with fresh air. There is natural mountain circulation here during the second half of the day: clean air comes down from the mountains, renewing the local air, bringing coolness and freshness. This is especially noticeable in the summer when the oxygen component is complemented with “infusions” of dozens of unique herbs and flowers that grow on mountain ridges. The resort town is protected from the north wind by the Borgustansky Ridge, which prevents the transfer of pollutants from the valley and the industrial, northern part of the city to the higher resort areas. Simultaneous air measurements in various cities of the Caucuses Mineral Waters region as part of the international expedition TROICA has confirmed the high quality of the mountain air. The measurements of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in pine needles, which are indicators of the quality of surface atmosphere, was from 4-5 ug / kg. This is 3-4 times lower than internationally renowned resorts in Spain and France. The last measurements in 2008-2011 confirmed that in the resort areas, and the park area, the average levels of pollution by nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide does not exceed natural levels. “They made up less than half of ambient air standard for most of the time of our observation” – said the experts. There are high levels – up to two-thirds of MPL – observed right on the roadway of city roads or highways. This is a serious load on the air basin. The green spaces and the large area of the famous Kislovodsk Resort Park, which maintains a highly therapeutic potential of air and salubrious climate, save the day. “To sum up, the state of the air in Kislovodsk today is even better than it was during the successful 1980s, when the resort town received millions of tourists a year. However, it’s impossible not to notice the high values at certain times of the day in certain areas, such as along busy highways” – scientists say. The press release was made according as per data of the press service of the Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of the Stavropol Territory.