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New method discovered for treating men’s and women’s ailments

6 February 2013

The medical experts of Plaza SPA Zheleznovodsk have offered the Spa guests a unique method of getting rid of women’s and men’s ailments: a combination of classical methods of treatment using curative mineral waters with a progressive system of machine treatment. Rehabilitation of patients with urological and gynecological diseases in all countries is done using medications or surgery. These methods often don’t give positive results, and their efficiency is not guaranteed. The best assistant to the body at fighting disease is still nature and its resources, thus the mineral waters of the Zheleznedovsk resort have been widely used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with urological and gynecological diseases. The experts at Plaza SPA Zheleznovodsk have combined the unique characteristics of Slavyanovskaya and Smirnovskaya mineral water with machine therapy systems that are well-established in European and American practice, and a true breakthrough in medicine of the 21st century, as well as an alternative to surgical treatment. Even a two-week course of this treatment gives visible results: for example, there is a pronounced “anti-aging” effect – getting rid of the typical “age” of urological, gynecological and proctologic symptoms. The most modern medical equipment was purchased for Plaza SPA Zheleznovodsk. Thanks to these innovations, which are unique to the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, doctors of the highest qualification category help guests get rid of the most serious diseases in a short time period, in a painless and safe way. Innovations at taking care of your health are the secret of success of Plaza SPA Zheleznovodsk, “The best resort of 2012″ according to the national award “My Planet”.